AI Governance Workshop

AI Governance: Doing AI Ethically is Doing AI Right

  • TYPE: Workshop DATE: May 12, 2020 TIME: 09:00-13:00
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Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic and many organizations are now looking to exploit these technologies, at the same time there are many concerns around the impact this will have on societyThe concept of AI is not new, but cloud computing has provided access to data and computing power needed to turn it into a practical reality. Machine Learning technologies provide significantly improved capabilities to analyze large amounts of data in a wide range of forms. While this poses a threat of “Big Other” it also makes them especially suitable for spotting patterns and anomalies and hence potentially useful for detecting fraudulent activity, security breaches and non-compliance. 

How can you ensure that your AI project does not become a liability?  An improper implementation, a socially insensitive data label, or negligent data management can easily lead to an auditing nightmare. What are the best practices to safely exploit and govern AI?  

This workshop will walk you through a realistic scenario where your governance of AI will be put to the test. Learn the key questions to ask when implementing an AI project so that governance and audits do not become an issue later. 

After attending this workshop, you will be able to: 

  • Justify why AI needs to be governed; 

  • Identify key governance and ethical issues around the use of AI that needs to be considered; 

  • Work through the governance challenges of a realistic IAM-related AI scenario; 

  • Know the preemptive steps that you need to take to establish good governance of AI; 

  • Be better prepared to consider governance for any AI project. 

Many AI projects falter or fail when they encounter a governance-related problem. Don’t let your investments in an AI project go to waste because of poor governance practices, leading to project abandonment. Take advantage of the potential efficiencies that AI projects can bring by managing your AI projects responsibly. 



Anne Bailey is an analyst covering emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, and helps synthesize the implications for companies, industries, and markets.She holds a Bachelor from Pacific Lutheran University, a Master’s Certificate from Johns Hopkins-Nanjing...

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AI Governance Workshop

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  • May 12, 2020 09:00-13:00 Munich
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