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Goodbye Dogmatism / Hellō Pragmatism

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Dick Hardt
Dick Hardt
The technology of digital identity will define personal power and opportunity in the information era. Hellō co-founder Dick Hardt is a veteran builder of identity technology. With 30+ years of open source and digital identity development experience as a pivotal contributor to the Perl and Python...
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021
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Going Passwordless and Beyond - The Future of Strong Authentication
Sep 14, 2021

The onslaught of account takeover attacks from insecure passwords is driving the rapid adoption of passwordless solutions.  While the risk reduction benefits are substantial, eliminating passwords is just the first step on the path to fundamentally strong authentication.  In the “new normal” era of work from anywhere, and rapidly increasing cloud adoption, organizations are moving to a new risk-based authentication model.  Advanced organizations are validating users, their devices, and inspecting the security posture of the device for each login.  Strong and continuous authentication is a fundamental building block of Zero Trust. Learn how you can make it happen without making the user experience miserable.

 Discussion topics include:

  • New cybersecurity and identity management requirements in the post COVID era
  • Traditional MFA vs Passwordless - avoiding the “security vs. painful user experience” tradeoff
  • Device trust and the confluence of cybersecurity and identity management
  • Continuous risk-based authentication 


  • Account takeovers and other attacks have increased as a result of distributed working - adopting a solution that removes passwords removes most of the risk
  • MFA has evolved beyond the traditional “password + SMS + pin” approach
  • CISO’s and IT no longer have to trade increased security for user convenience
  • Modern devices allow organizations to leverage the Secure Enclave / Trusted Platform Module for increased security
  • Continuous, risk-based authentication is a key factor in identity and access management
Patrick McBride, Chief Marketing Officer, Beyond Identity
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Evolution of User Centricity in Customer IAM
Sep 14, 2021

The transformation of the IAM landscape of a Multi Service Provider is taking shape.

Rolf Hausammann, Head of Identity and Access Management, Swisscom
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Panel | Identity in the Asia-Pacific - Untangling the Web
Sep 15, 2021

Do you want to launch or expand your identity-related business in the Asia-Pacific region but don’t know where to start?

Linden Dawson, Director, Cybersecurity & Digital Trust, PwC Australia
Allan Foster, Chief Evangelist, ForgeRock
Graham Williamson, Director APAC / Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole
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Panel | Futureproofing Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Security
Sep 14, 2021
Bob Celeste, Founder, Center for Supply Chain Studies
Jeffery Denton, Vice President, Global Secure Supply Chain, AmerisourceBergen
Georg Jürgens, Manager Industry Solutions, Spherity
David Kessler, President, Legisym
David Mason, Supply Chain Compliance and Serialization Lead, Novartis
Gena Morgan, Strategic Consultant, GS1 US
Dr. Oliver Nürnberg, Chief Product Owner, SAP Life Sciences
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Workshop | Zero Trust & Modern Digital Workplaces
Sep 16, 2021
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What a CISO needs to know about GDPR
Sep 14, 2021
Stefan Hessel, Rechtsanwalt I Attorney-at-Law, reuschlaw Legal Consultants
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User Terms Engineering Layer for IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Sep 14, 2021
Doc Searls, Co-founder and board member of Customer Commons, and Director of ProjectVRM, Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society
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Panel | From Piecemeal to Strategic Priority: What CISOs need to know about CIEM
Sep 15, 2021

CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) is a SAAS delivered, converged approach to next generation, ideally AI driven multi-cloud security, managing access and privileges in the cloud. It is playing across the disciplines Identity Management & Governance, Access, Privilege Management and Authentication, addressing the complexity of multi-cloud adoption with privilege & access management working differently for each provider.

Gerry Gebel, Head of Standards, Strata Identity, Inc
David Higgins, EMEA Technical Director, CyberArk
Jon Lehtinen, Director, Okta
Patrick Parker, Founder and CEO, EmpowerID
Matthias Reinwarth, Lead Advisor & Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole
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Airbus Expert Perspective: Managing Third-Party Identity Risk in the Supply Chain
Sep 14, 2021

As a leader in innovative aerospace manufacturing with locations across the world, Airbus recognized the need to fortify its third-party identity management processes to better meet the operational efficiency and security needs of its evolving business and supply chain. Specifically, Airbus wanted to upgrade its identity management capabilities around lifecycle management, data quality, and obsolescence management for its third-party, non-employee users.

Benjamin Gasperi, On/Offboarding Product Manager, Airbus
Guillaume Lugat, Head of Identity & Access Management, Airbus
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How can Decentralized Identities reshape the Future of eCommerce?
Sep 15, 2021
Dr. Michele Nati, Head of Telco and Infrastructure Development, IOTA Foundation
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Identity is the New Blue
Sep 13, 2021

Blue is the world’s most popular color.

But this was not always the case. Originally, it was little used in art and clothing, and in turn, had little symbolic cultural value. In the course of a few key decades, however, blue overcame obstacles of sourcing and production, and its popularity exploded—rising to represent some of the highest values of society.  Subsequently, a wave of innovation democratized the color, placing it in the hands of “normal people” and cementing its cultural legacy.

Identity finds itself on a similar path. After a period of relative obscurity, identity has begun its rise over the past decade—but the journey is just beginning. Like blue, it faces challenges to its ascendancy—both practical and ethical. We’ll extract lessons from the trajectory of the world’s most popular hue and seek to apply them to the arc of identity.

The color of the world is changing once more.

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Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM): Advancing from Cloud First to Identity First
Sep 15, 2021
Matthias Reinwarth, Lead Advisor & Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole