Best-Practice Approaches to Multi-Cloud IAM in the Enterprise

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As more and more organizations go multi-cloud, the question arises how to integrate existing and compliance-proven enterprise IAM processes with the upcoming requirements of managing identity in the clouds.
In this talk we will present two different approaches on how an organization can manage multi-cloud identities and access. The models are based on real life examples we have found to work out for organizations we work with. What we learn with these examples is that there is a wide spectrum between agility and control. Each organization has to find their own balance in this playing field and design a solution that is valuable to them and their team.

The dynamic nature of cloud environments requires a frictionless user experience when it comes to providing and retrieving access
There is no one size fits all - the best solution for your organization depends on your positioning within a large spectrum between agility and control
Implementing a declarative approach for your multi-cloud IAM is a essential when aiming for continuous compliance

Rebecca Bausinger, Product Manager, Meshcloud
Christina Kraus, Co-Founder & CRO, meshcloud

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