Mastering the Digitization Challenge Safely

Because resilience is a means, not an end
Deploying state-of-the-art technologies accelerates your digital transformation. However, digitization also increases the attack surface of your IT infrastructure and thus creates vulnerabilities for cybercrime.
Make Your Business More Resilient
Enable your business to perform more efficiently and in line with Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) regulations. We offer holistic support for your IT security from strategy to implementation in your processes and organization to prepare your company for a new generation of cyber threats.
Areas of Expertise
Digital Identity and
Digital identities are at the core of almost every service we use nowadays. They safeguard and enable access to sensitive data. Hence, digital identities are among those assets of modern organizations that are most deserving of protection.
We advise you on how to deal with these crown jewels of today's economy enabling business, maintaining compliance, governance, and security while supporting Identity Lifecycle Management, Access Management and Governance, Privileged Account Management, Entitlement Management (Roles and Access Policies) but also state of the art trends like Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials.
Securing data, systems, infrastructures, and networks goes far beyond protection and defense. In the face of the inevitability of cyberattacks, cybersecurity must be concerned with the management of vulnerabilities, risk mitigation, incident response, and ultimately business resilience and continuity.
Success stories
Learn from our customers' experiences
Boehringer Ingelheim, a leading pharmaceutical company, sought to enhance its Identity and Access Management (IAM) capabilities in the digital age. We collaborated to develop a strategic IAM roadmap in just five months, aligning their IT infrastructure with their global leadership position.
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Advisory Service Cycle
No matter where you start, there is always a next step
Strategy review and design
Architecture design and review
Tools choice
Implementation guidance and processes
Benchmarking and recommendation
Continuous enhancement
Next step
Meet the team
KuppingerCole's advisors are experienced in supporting international organizations, from start-ups to large companies, on-site or virtually
Matthias Reinwarth
IAM Practice Director
Christopher Schütze
Chief of Advisory; Cybersecurity Practice Director & Chief Information Security Officer
Phillip Messerschmidt
Lead Advisor
Kai Boschert
Senior Advisor
Darran Rolls
Research and Advisory Fellow
Shikha Porwal
Charlene Spasic
Senior Advisor
Yasin Garip
Victor Clever
Assistant Advisor
Martin Kuppinger
Principal Analyst & Co-Founder
Alexei Balaganski
Lead Analyst & Chief Technology Officer
John Tolbert
Director Cybersecurity Research
Mike Neuenschwander
VP KuppingerCole US and Global Head of Research Strategy
Mike Small
Senior Analyst
Paul Fisher
Lead Analyst
Warwick Ashford
Senior Analyst
Anne Bailey
Research Strategy Director
Roland Bühler
Fellow Analyst
Scott David
Fellow Analyst
Alejandro Leal
Research Analyst
Nitish Deshpande
Research Analyst
Osman Celik
Research Analyst
Marina Iantorno
Research Analyst
Olof Olofsen
Lead Advisor & Project Manager
Martin Smith
Fellow Analyst
Paul Simmonds
Fellow Analyst
Graham Williamson
Fellow Analyst
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