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Solving the Access Challenge in Cloud Migration

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Berno Snijder
Account Lead Security
Berno Snijder
Shaped by an extensive career in banking & IT environments, Berno Snijder developed broad knowledge and expertise in  the IT security domain. As account lead security with Accenture he is helping companies in the financial industry transform towards the future. Supporting them on their...
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Optimizing the Cloud Strategy for Successful Transformation
Jul 07, 2021
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Hybrid cloud enablement: use cases, challenges, best practices
Sep 15, 2021

Cloud computing has become commonplace in recent years, it is almost inevitable for small to medium sized companies to leverage cloud services largely if not fully. However, it is not easy to run cloud enablement project in bigger and yet most importantly traditional companies, where there are hundreds of legacy applications, which expect data to be closer to the computing units, and which are dependent on bandwidth and reliable network availability. In this presentation, I am going to address cloud migration requirements, usual challenges, and lessons learnt and best practices from project management, security and service management point of view.

Paraj Sharma, Program Manager, Global IT-Infrastructure Services, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG
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Lessons Learned from IAM Transformation in Banking
May 11, 2023

Legacy IAM cannot be just "improved". It needs a "Transformation". But how an IAM transformation could be successful in the financial sector, especially banking? In this presentation I would like to share the top lessons learned from such a transformation.

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Rising to the Security Challenge of Heavy Cloud Adoption
Oct 13, 2016

A good IT Cloud Strategy must not only specify a cloud direction but also the expected interactions between business units, customers, suppliers and competitors. It has to be well-aligned with the organization’s business drivers, principles and strategies. In a rapidly changing environment, it should have a strong focus on architecture, risk management and collaboration. Finally, users and endpoints in the hybrid multi-cloud and mobile environments must be protected from network-borne cyber-attacks, DDOS, and malware.

In this webinar, Dan Blum, Senior Analyst at KuppingerCole, sums up the most important points of his new advisory note “Rising to the Security Challenge of Heavy Cloud Adoption“. This report provides actionable and detailed recommendations on how IT security leadership deals best with the challenges of strategic uncertainty, regulatory compliance, shadow IT, fragmented security infrastructure and agile development as well as devops practices.

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Workshop | Move your Active Directory to the Cloud
Sep 16, 2021
Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst, KuppingerCole
Patrick Parker, Founder and CEO, EmpowerID
Matthias Reinwarth, Lead Advisor & Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole
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Hristomir Hristov: Cloud Migration – an Obscure Journey on Its Own or a Well-Paved Road
Jun 22, 2020

A story based on personal experience of leading several companies to smooth cloud migration. We will look at some real-life tips & tricks.
We will discuss how to choose the cloud provider and the cloud setup – single-cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud.
We will talk about what does ‘cloud-readiness’ means and when it is achieved.
Should we start with a Zero Trust Architecture?
What are the possible approaches for cloud migration - pros and cons.
After all, is a migration a one-off event or a continuous process?

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Big Bang to the Cloud - Lessons Learned from a Successful Large-scale Production System Migration
May 10, 2023

Managing access is a critical capability for the IT infrastructure of any enterprise, especially when dealing with over 6,800 integrated applications used by millions of authentication requests. Due to the increasing demand for availability, scalability, and support for market-specific customizations, as well as the migration of more products and applications to the cloud, we had to migrate our infrastructure and application stack to the AWS cloud. This stack had been introduced in an on-premises setup in 2017 and now follows modern paradigms such as GitOps, Everything as Code, and highly automated processes based on Service Layers and ForgeRock. Our main concern was ensuring that the integrated application landscape remained functional during the migration without experiencing any impact or downtime.

During this presentation, we will share our experience and discuss the key takeaways from our successful large-scale production system migration to the cloud, including:

  • Understanding the target architecture for the migration project
  • Identifying the challenges that arise during cloud migration
  • Discovering strategies for minimizing the impact on integrated applications during the migration process.
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Manoj Kumar: Cloud-delivered IAM: Promises and Challenges
Mar 04, 2021

Cloud is here to fundamentally change the way Identity and Access Management services are delivered. It is an imperative but also an opportunity to re-visit and challenge a few tried and tested approaches to delivering core IAM capabilities. It also provides an important pause to design the IAM capability of the future. The speaker will share his experiences in deploying a native cloud-based IAM solution at scale, the challenges, pitfalls, and the watch-outs. 

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Martin Kuppinger: Cloud First – and Now? Operations, Integration, Security, Identity
Jun 22, 2020

In his Opening Keynote, Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, will talk about the practical consequences of having a “cloud first” strategy in place. Declaring such a strategy is simple. Successfully executing it is the bigger beast to tame. Martin Kuppinger will look at the success factors for executing a “cloud first” strategy and identify what it needs in the organization, operations, integration, vendor selection, risk assessment, management, security, and identity. He also will look at the various levels of such cloud first strategies, from full multi-tenant public cloud to basic “lift & shift”, as well as the interoperability with the remaining on-premises infrastructure as well as the role Edge Computing will play in future.