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ADI Association: Bringing Accountability to Digital Identity

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Ramesh Kesanupalli
ADI Association
Ramesh Kesanupalli
Ramesh Kesanupalli is currently the CEO of Digital Trust Networks, based in Santa Clara, California.  Mr. Kesanupalli is also the co-founder of ADI Association, a non-profit industry organization working with global companies to define the Accountable Digital Identity Architecture (ADIA),...
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021
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EIC 2021 - Keynotes & Workshops
Sep 19, 2021
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From Day One to Hour One: IGA in the Era of Extreme Automation
Sep 15, 2021

Cloud capabilities are driving automation approaches that will upend traditional, linear templates for Identity Governance service delivery. This extends to everything from application/service on-boarding, provisioning and user lifecycle management workflows. In this session, Manoj will share his experience of working on automation approaches for cloud workloads and discuss what this means for the future of IGA in the era of continuous integration and delivery.

Suganya Balan, Manager – Privileged Access Management, Philip Morris International
Manoj Kumar, Director, Identity and Access Management, Philip Morris International
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COVID has Accelerated Public Demand for Digital ID
Sep 13, 2021

Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) research finds that three-quarters of Canadians feel that it’s important to have a secure, trusted, and privacy-enhancing digital ID to safely and securely make transactions online. As federal governments focus on post-pandemic recovery, investing in digital ID makes strong economic sense, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). For SMEs, the impact of digital identity could be used to improve processes that are difficult today.

This is especially true in situations where businesses need to provide proof of identity to another business. Considering SMEs account for approximately 30 percent of Canada’s overall GDP ($450 billion), if we assume that the average SME could be just one percent more efficient with access to trusted digital identity, this results in a potential $4.5 billion of added value to SMEs and reinvestments in the Canadian economy. This presentation will provide a detailed overview of research performed over the course of 2 years to quantify public perception and demand for secure, interoperable, digital identity that works across the whole of the economy. 

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Panel | From Smart Cities to Manufacturing – Securing Clouds of Things
Sep 15, 2021
Fulup Ar Foll, Founder and Lead Architect, IoT.bzh
Graham Williamson, Director APAC / Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole
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Security Automation in the Financial Sector: Research Findings, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned
Sep 15, 2021

This presentation combines the findings of a doctoral study into security automation in the financial sector with real-world experiences in implementing security automation. The research focused on strategies financial institutions need to reduce the gap between the attacker's time to compromise and the defender's time to detect and respond. Learn from the experiences of companies that have implemented or are implementing security automation. This session will look at what to expect from security automation (and what not to expect), how to decide what to automate, strategies to help ensure a successful security automation program, and lessons learned from success and failure.

Dr. Donnie Wendt, Principal Security Researcher, MasterCard
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Modernizing the Customer Journey
Sep 13, 2021

As organizations are recovering from the pandemic, the need to adapt to rapid technology, organization and social changes makes many of them embark on a digital transformation at high speed. Investments to drive online business, powered by customer insights and an attractive user experience, yet secure and compliant to rules and regulations, have never been bigger.
Integrating Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions with Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM), if done well, can help business owners achieve the ROI they are looking for.

Join Gerald Horst, who leads PwC's Digital Identity team in EMEA, as he explains how powerful Customer Identity & Access Management can be when you are transforming your organization to become successful in doing business online. Gerald will share relevant client experiences, demonstrate some key capabilities and give his view on future client demands in this context.

Key takeaways:

  • How to onboard new customers within minutes while applying a zero-trust approach
  • How to balance the user experience, cost, and security requirements the right way
  • Integrating CIAM with SalesForce to support a digital customer journey from A to Z
  • The power of CIAM in future online business models 


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Panel | Prioritizing Identity - Identity-Centric Security Strategy
Sep 14, 2021

Identity management is critical for digital transformation and continues to evolve and gain importance as the business environment changes in today's hyperconnected world, where employees, business partners, devices, and things are all tightly interwoven. Deploying an identity security solution – regardless of your business size or industry is a fundamental requirement today to facilitate secure communications and reliable transactions.

This panel explores identity security strategies that enable your business to take full advantage of your solution’s capabilities.

Yvo van Doorn, Senior Solutions Engineer, Auth0
Oliver Krebs, GM EMEA, Onfido
Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst, KuppingerCole
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Panel | The Modern Approach to Identity Governance
Sep 15, 2021

What if we took the traditional way of thinking of Identity Governance and reversed it completely? Putting together a successful IGA program has commonly been a long haul,

A headache,

A mess,

A budget destroyer,

And an expectation disappointer.

There is a new way. Some call us crazy and some say its impossible. However, those who have experienced the new way call us visionaries. We have been presenting a modern ideology and process for IGA that drastically reduces the time to value, the total cost of ownership, and the economic impact of an Identity Governance Solution.

This panel will focus on strategic order of operations, calculating the economic return of the modern approach, how to optimize AI/ML in Identity Governance, and the ways simplicity expediates the path to stronger compliance and security postures.

Austin Baker, Director of Sales, SecurEnds
Gal Helemski, Co-Founder & CIPO, PlainID
Fabian Süß, Project Manager, KuppingerCole
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Where Stands the Sovereign Self?
Sep 13, 2021

When thinking about what SSI means for enterprises and providers of services to enterprises, it's easy to forget that SSI is about each of our sovereign selves. This means SSI should give us each a clear sense of independence, agency, and obvious freedom from the old centralized Identity Provider Relying Party model, and the federated one that followed from it. But we aren't there yet. What will it take to get us there—for our sovereign selves, and not just for hot new SSI businesses?

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Secrets in the Clouds: The Journey of Digital Vaults to Cloud
Sep 15, 2021

When we traditionally think of vaults, we expect them to be in the close vicinity of a user. In our rapidly digitising world, the nature of such vaults have transformed as well. Data *(or Password, whichever word you think is correct)* vaults which are expected to be located on premises are now digital, making ownership of these vaults and access to these vaults critical functions for an organisation. The Cloud hosts a lot of secrets and this journey of vaults becoming digital and part of Cloud Environments is nothing but fascinating.

Anil Bhandari, Chief Mentor & Thought Leader, ARCON TechSolutions
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Journey from Enterprise Strategy to Identity Simplification
Sep 14, 2021

In an insurance sector not yet impacted by uberisation, AXA is moving toward its digital transformation. To achieve its key targets, including reduced time to market and improved user experience, AXA has launched several major programs: network, datacenter, workspace, .., and Identity and Access Management. Come discover how AXA leads the IAM program to support its digital transformation though improved agility, automation & business partnership capacity, both external and internal, while maintaining a high level of security.

– Adapt your IAM program to your context
– Define and maintain the key objectives of your program
– Accept that an IAM program is a transformation program, not a technical program

David Martinache, Manager, Wavestone
Fabrice Perrin, Global Program Director, AXA
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PAM 101
Sep 15, 2021
Paul Fisher, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole