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Our customizable, free, interactive platform empowers you make better choices by closing the gap between data and decision-making. Goodbye guesswork, hello confident decisions.
Enhance your cybersecurity market knowledge with insights and practical applications. Explore a selection of cutting-edge solution offerings aligned with predefined best practices, or customized to perfectly suit your unique business needs.

Available Topics

10 topics full of detailed information are here to help you make your decisions

API Security & Management
Attack Surface Management
Unified Endpoint Management
Data Leakage Prevention
Managed Detection and Response
Planned Topics
March 2024
Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management
March 2024
IAM System Integrators
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Optimize your decision-making process with the most comprehensive and up-to-date market data available.

Configure your individual requirements to find the right vendor for your business or follow the best practice recommendation of an unbiased research analyst.

Use KC Open Select to...


Access the latest and best information in each market and discover their practical applications. Find all vendors conveniently in a single, centralized platform.


Compare solution offerings and follow predefined best practices or adapt them to the individual requirements of your company.


Create your custom shortlist of solutions, aligned with your own individual business case, to establish a well-informed foundation for decision-making.


Gather additional insights with product demos, vendor interviews, and comprehensive reports.

Why KC Open Select

Recent changes

August 2023-New Feature Release: Larger Spider Graph on Comparison Page
August 2023-New Feature Release: Editable Filter Column
August 2023-New Topic Release: IGA
August 2023 — New Topic Release: FRIP
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