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Exploring the Future of AI

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Annie Bailey
Annie Bailey
Annie Bailey is an analyst covering emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, and helps synthesize the implications for companies, industries, and markets. She holds a Bachelor from Pacific Lutheran University, a Master’s Certificate from Johns Hopkins-Nanjing...
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021
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Decentralized Identity and the US Dept. of Homeland Security
Sep 15, 2021
Markus Sabadello, CEO, Danube Tech
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How to Thrive in an Accelerated Access management world
Sep 14, 2021

Research from 2020 has shown a phonemonal growth in the access management market.

The pandemic, for all its impact, has enabled organisations to re-evaluate their working strategies and practices. But at what cost? Cybercrime on corporate applications has risen exponentially from the dispersed workforce and rapid cloud adoption has left organisations vulnerable to ransomware, malicious activity and internal subterfuge.

Danna Bethlehem, Director Product Marketing Authentication at Thales discusses how organisations can accelerate their business with the right approach to their IAM strategy. For 2021 and beyond, enterprises need to leave survival mode behind and adopt a drive to thrive.

Drawing on recently released research into the EMEA IAM market, she will highlight:

  • How demands of the corporate workforce for dispersed working is bringing IAM security concerns to the fore
  • How the next generational approach to IAM can enable forward thinking organisations to thrive
  • How enterprises can build an effective IAM strategy to drive their growth
Danna Bethlehem, Director Product Marketing IAM, Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing
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The Next Frontier: Why Decentralised Identity is only Base Camp
Sep 14, 2021

Over the past decade significant advancements have been made towards decentralised, self-sovereign and tokenised identity. Now that we can tokenise a unique value what is the new value we can enable?

Katryna Dow, CEO & Founder, Meeco
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User Terms Engineering Layer for IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Sep 14, 2021
Doc Searls, Co-founder and board member of Customer Commons, and Director of ProjectVRM, Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society
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How Biometric Face Verification Enables Effortless IAM in a Zero Trust Environment
Sep 14, 2021

Now more than ever, the world is operating online. Governments and enterprises need a way of securely verifying an individual’s identity whilst providing an inclusive and positive customer experience. iProov is a world leader in cloud-based face biometric authentication technology. Our Genuine Presence Assurance™ technology, powered by flashmark, ensures that the individual is: the right person, a real person, and also confirms that they are authenticating right now.

Tom Whitney, Global Head of Solutions Consultancy, iProov
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Browser Features vs. Identity Protocols: An Arms Race?
Sep 14, 2021

In an attempt to protect users from excessive tracking and surveillance, the last couple of years have witnessed major browser vendors introducing increasingly restrictive anti-tracking measures. Identity protocols and features got caught in the crossfire, however, forcing identity software vendors and developers to hastily introduce changes to restore functionality that browser changes broke. Is this the new normal? What will we do when a change will break an identity feature beyond repair?

This session will review the main browser changes that have affected identity over the last few years – Chrome’s SameSite and Safari’s ITP2 in particular, interpreting them as part of a larger trend and attempting to predict what the future will look like for identity customers and practitioners.

Vittorio Bertocci, Principal Architect, Auth0
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The State of Strong Authentication
Sep 15, 2021

The FIDO Alliance was launched in 2013 with the audacious goal: to change the very nature of authentication. To move the entire world away from usernames and passwords and traditional multi-factor authentication with an open and free web standard that makes authentication simpler and stronger. It’s 2021, so why are passwords still persisting? The session will answer that question, and detail the progress that has been made towards standardizing strong authentication and the opportunity for companies to start on a journey past passwords.

Join Andrew Shikiar, executive director of FIDO Alliance, as we look the past year from the FIDO standards lens, including:
-- The impacts of Covid-19 on digital transformation plans and securing remote workforces & where strong authentication has fit in
-- Progress global organizations have made toward going truly passwordless
-- Considerations for strong authentication when seeking compliance with regulation such as PSD2 SCA
-- What other areas, such as identity verification, that need to be strengthened to better secure the web

-- Attendees will understand how a global pandemic affected companies' digital transformation plans, including strong authentication projects

Key Takaways: 

-- Attendees will learn the status of efforts to standardize strong authentication, and where support stands today
-- Attendees will be able to analyze their strong authentication options for complying with regulation like PSD2 SCA
-- Attendees will be able to explain how identity verification and authentication relate, and efforts in motion to better secure both areas

Andrew Shikiar, Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer, FIDO Alliance
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How to successfully rob a bank (and almost get away with it)
Sep 14, 2021

The majority of crimes in our industry are initiated with cyber-attacks on people - however, our people can also be our most valuable assets. This presentation start with a walkthrough of multiple "bank robbery" scenarios to focus on a real event from 2016, when in one of the largest cyber heist ever, $1 billion were at stake being stolen from a bank. And how human vigilance (as well as human mistakes by the criminals) finally prevented the worst.

Kashif Husain, CISO, Vice President, Nomura
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Panel | Identity vs Authorization - Where to Draw the Line
Sep 15, 2021

We will look at OAuth protocol and its misusage for authorization purposes. What is the difference between client and user authorization and at which stage should each happen? We will revise what Identity is at its core and what should or should not be part of it. And what about Group Membership – a ‘domain-driven’ advise how to triage roles between Identity and Authorization. All these best practices are backed by real-life experience.

- OAuth and its misusage as an authorization protocol
- Essence of Identity
- Difference between client authorization and user authorization in the context of OAuth
- Group Membership – where do roles belong?
- Theory backed by practice

Hristomir Hristov, Solutions Architect, KPMG
Martin Manov, Software Architect, Cobuilder International
Fabian Süß, Project Manager, KuppingerCole
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PAM 101
Sep 15, 2021
Paul Fisher, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole
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COVID has Accelerated Public Demand for Digital ID
Sep 13, 2021

Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) research finds that three-quarters of Canadians feel that it’s important to have a secure, trusted, and privacy-enhancing digital ID to safely and securely make transactions online. As federal governments focus on post-pandemic recovery, investing in digital ID makes strong economic sense, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). For SMEs, the impact of digital identity could be used to improve processes that are difficult today.

This is especially true in situations where businesses need to provide proof of identity to another business. Considering SMEs account for approximately 30 percent of Canada’s overall GDP ($450 billion), if we assume that the average SME could be just one percent more efficient with access to trusted digital identity, this results in a potential $4.5 billion of added value to SMEs and reinvestments in the Canadian economy. This presentation will provide a detailed overview of research performed over the course of 2 years to quantify public perception and demand for secure, interoperable, digital identity that works across the whole of the economy. 

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Going Passwordless and Beyond - The Future of Strong Authentication
Sep 14, 2021

The onslaught of account takeover attacks from insecure passwords is driving the rapid adoption of passwordless solutions.  While the risk reduction benefits are substantial, eliminating passwords is just the first step on the path to fundamentally strong authentication.  In the “new normal” era of work from anywhere, and rapidly increasing cloud adoption, organizations are moving to a new risk-based authentication model.  Advanced organizations are validating users, their devices, and inspecting the security posture of the device for each login.  Strong and continuous authentication is a fundamental building block of Zero Trust. Learn how you can make it happen without making the user experience miserable.

 Discussion topics include:

  • New cybersecurity and identity management requirements in the post COVID era
  • Traditional MFA vs Passwordless - avoiding the “security vs. painful user experience” tradeoff
  • Device trust and the confluence of cybersecurity and identity management
  • Continuous risk-based authentication 


  • Account takeovers and other attacks have increased as a result of distributed working - adopting a solution that removes passwords removes most of the risk
  • MFA has evolved beyond the traditional “password + SMS + pin” approach
  • CISO’s and IT no longer have to trade increased security for user convenience
  • Modern devices allow organizations to leverage the Secure Enclave / Trusted Platform Module for increased security
  • Continuous, risk-based authentication is a key factor in identity and access management
Patrick McBride, Chief Marketing Officer, Beyond Identity