Panel | Mastering the Security Challenge for AI

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been boosting innovation and creating a whole new wave of business models. With its rapid expansion into most use cases in many industries, a new threat landscape is evolving and as such presenting tough challenges to cybersecurity teams. With its huge impact on the way we interact with technology, the need for good practices and high standards in securing AI infrastructures is becoming a priority. In this panel session, we will    

  1. Identify and describe common AI security threats
  2. Talk about data quality, integrity and reliability
  3. Discuss AI risk mitigation strategies
  4. And look into the human factor of AI security
Anne Bailey, Analyst, KuppingerCole
Dr. Barbara Mandl, Director Cybersecurity, FOSTER FORE
Lex Tan, CEO & Founder, MotionsCloud

Language: English • Duration: 25:03 • Resolution: 1280x720

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