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EIC 2021 - Impressions

I've been here. I think it was three years ago. That was my first time. It
Is my first time at EIC,
But my second or third, I
Believe I'm working identity access management. So this was the conference where I thought, Hey, I should be there.
I think having a combination of industry experts and customers is, is really good.
It always feels like EIC is a step or two ahead of some of the other conferences in terms of what people are, are discussing and what they're exploring here at this conference,
I'm really enjoying it. Of course, there's the element of getting to see people in person again, but then there's lots of new faces for me as someone that has only gone to us based conferences.
I pleased with being able to, to leave the home office and, and visit and, and interact with people.
I love the exchange with new people about ideas.
It feels like a community that's brought like that.
I like seeing how the cultures affected by what we talk about here and identity and more and more it's becoming an integrated part of everyone's life, especially during the pandemic and other world of ones, certainly zero trust. Right? That one that seems to be top of the agenda
For this, but it's more about what's happening on the market, how everybody dealing with the same similar problems,
Innovative relational, practical
Perspective. I think it's the temporarily aspect of today or this, this period where you try to test a hybrid conference
Virtually. It, it works well too. And it's been like, you were there.

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