Digital Onboarding Game Change: Face Verification and Liveness Detection

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2020 will be eternally known as “The Year of COVID.” It will also be known as the year remote digital onboarding was near instantaneously transformed from a strategic, forward-thinking business development objective to an urgent, mission critical business priority. This has accelerated the adoption of biometric face recognition and liveness detection to create secure, trusted, and frictionless onboarding experiences.

The market landscape is being shaped by a range of innovators. From biometric face recognition and liveness technology providers to targeted digital onboarding and identity verification platforms, to the identity BIG THREE: IDEMIA, NEC, and Thales; everyone wants in. The market is heating up as the stakes couldn't be higher.

Using Acuity’s proprietary Constellation market landscape model as context, the current state of play will be evaluated in terms of the key market sectors, drivers, challenges, and opportunities for real world problem solving and disruptive innovation.

C. Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence

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