The impact of agile on progressing Identity Security

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After applying an agile way of working for the last three years the Rabobank Identity & Access Management service has gone through a transformation. The increased autonomy of teams, using backlogs with prioritized epics, applying agile rituals in order to create space for growth in applying agile principles, all of these have affected how IAM services are developed and delivered. Where the arena is uncertain and customers have a somewhat-defined request the agile, iterative approach works. Yet where the arena is regulatory governed and compliance driven an agile approach works less. The impact of incidents in a 24x7 security service immediately reflects itself on the development of the service when a devops team is used. The strain between waterfall project management and this agile approach is not instrumental but conceptual. Aligning expectations with the wider organization is a challenge in itself. This presentation will demonstrate the pros and cons of agile on IAM.

Agile pitfalls
Alignment with the wider organization (using waterfall and deadlines)
Where agile works well and where it does not
Countering the management drive for 'new and improved', whilst also applying agile

Henk Marsman, Lead Product Manager IAM, Rabobank

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