Meeting Expectations – 5 pillars for IoT project success

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Deployment of IoT installations are accelerating as organisations seek to expand their business by adding IoT functionality to their products/service, or reduce their costs by automating processes. Unfortunately, in many cases these initiatives are not adequately executed and, as a result, do not meet expectations.

In this session we will look at 5 pillars of an IoT deployment: the Device pillar ensures we select the appropriate sensors and actuators, the Control pillar guides our decisions on controller functionality, the Communications pillar ensures we consider which options fit our required functionality and budget, the IT pillar determines the level of integration between our IT and OT environments, and the Security pillar guides our protection strategy.

A holistic approach is a success-indicator for our IoT projects.

Graham Williamson, Director APAC / Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole

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