Applying Zero Trust to Humans and Things

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The pandemic has dramatically changed how we work, shop, meet and learn. Simple username and password credentials can no longer be part of this new world. They have become every user’s and every IT departments’ nightmare. Connected IoT things are for the first time outnumbering non IoT connections such as Tablet, Phones and PCs and many emerging business models will drive more revenue through IoT-enabled services than the products through which they’re delivered. Applying zero trust thinking to all identities including connected things and not just employees and their PCs is therefore a concept organisations will need look into to ensure adequate security measures for their employees and things.

In this session we’ll talk about:

  • Current challenges of managing IoT devices
  • How identity of things automate and improve user experience
  • The role of IAM in Zero Trust
Gerhard Zehethofer, Vice President IoT and Technology Partnerships, ForgeRock

Language: English • Duration: 23:58 • Resolution: 1280x720

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