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Digital Onboarding

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Martin Sandren
IAM Product Lead
Martin Sandren
Martin Sandren is a security architect and delivery lead with over eighteen years of experience of various information security related roles. Primarily focused on security architecture and digital identity including global scale customer, privileged and internal IAM systems using...
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Assignment Based Access
May 10, 2023

In the current economical climate many companies are facing the need to restructure the operations to ensure efficieny and profitability.

This does in some cases result in layoffs but is also means that projects are cancelled and the staff that was assigned to these projects are freed up for other efforts. In IAM terms the results is a lot of movers in the organisation which traditionally has been a usecase that has been challenging to efficiently support.

How do we help the business and support the need for assignment based access to ensure efficient usage of staff? This talk will look at the lessons learned from implementing assigned based access at a global retailer. It may also include Swedish meatballs, flatpack furniture and moose hunting towers.

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Connected Consumers, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Robotics & more: Shaping the Future of Identity & Access Management
May 11, 2016

It is probably the greatest group of current and former analysts with IAM focus from all around the world who will come together for this plenary panel at EIC 2016 and discuss the future of identity & access management in the Age of Digital Transformation, where agility is key and cyber threats increase pressure on the availability of solid and reliable identity services and processes.

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Dirk Backofen - Managed Secure Identity for Enterprises, IoT & Consumers
May 09, 2017

Secure and unambiguous identities will be the next currency in the online world. Whether for information exchange or for online commerce in the consumer and the business segment, a secure identity will become more and more relevant over the coming years. A broad range of new services can be built up on this central element. This talk will provide information about the relevant technologies and the future business models.

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Identity Verification & Authentication Made Easy
Dec 03, 2018

Business is undergoing change. The Digital Transformation affects business models and changes the way businesses interact with their customers. A seamless customer journey is a key success factor for the digital business. This journey starts with attracting the customer and includes steps such as registration, Identity Verification and the authentication of customers when they return.

Analyst Chat
Analyst Chat #95: Deconstructing the User Journey (EIC 2021 Special)
Sep 23, 2021

KuppingerCole's flagship event EIC 2021 took place very successfully in Munich and online in September. Of course, Matthias took the opportunity to sit down with his fellow analysts in person for some EIC Special Analyst Chat episodes. Building on the themes of his Opening Keynote, Martin Kuppinger explains the concepts behind "Deconstructing the User Journey".

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Don’t Delay, Get Ready for a New Digital World Today
Nov 25, 2022

Join identity experts from KuppingerCole and Signicat as they discuss digital identification trends and how taking a strategic approach can address common challenges causing lengthy and cumbersome customer journeys. They will also look at what technologies organizations can adopt to meet customer expectations, improve customer journeys, and drive higher conversion rates.

Annie Bailey of KuppingerCole will discuss local and regional trends that indicate a readiness for digital identity and digital onboarding. She will also look at the different technology methods for digital identification and the components of a digital onboarding flow.

John Erik Setsaas and Edwin de Ron of Signicat, will highlight the results of market research and explain how organizations can benefit from increasing attention on digital identification, digitalizing customer journeys, and educating customers on how to use digital identification methods they already have. They will also explain how to identify use cases and plan for the further development of digital customer journeys.

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Panel | Digital ID Best Practices Discussion
Nov 25, 2021
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Enabling Digital Identity Ecosystems
May 13, 2022
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Dr. Sridhar Muppidi - Identity Meets Fraud Protection to Establish Digital Trust
May 15, 2018

In this session, we will introduce a framework to establish digital trust based on capabilities from fraud protection and Identity. This will quickly and transparently establish a trusted, frictionless digital relationship for your customers, employees, and business partners. The session will also highlight key scenarios of adoption, best practices and leveraging emerging topics like decentralized identity networks.