About us

Discover Our Passion for Advancing Identity and Security

We specialize in the strategic management of digital identities, privileges, authentication, and access control as well as cybersecurity and business resilience.
The Team
Making sense of the diverse landscape of products, services, and solutions is an ever-growing challenge. We explore and evaluate specific market segments for digital identity and cybersecurity to come with a means of navigation for information security professionals.
Effective leaders use networks to achieve strategic objectives. Our global events serve as cross- industry platforms for IT professionals to connect with the smartest minds in their area of expertise, closing the gap between business, academia, technology, and society.
Implementing and maintaining a state of the art cybersecurity and IAM strategy and architecture is key to building a resilient organization. Our advisors are with you every step of the way based on tested methodologies drawing up future-proof security concepts.
Our core values
We take a proactive approach to meet our customers' expectations and anticipate their needs.
We are also listening to the global IAM and cybersecurity community as we aim for continuous improvement and are always open to new innovations.
We strive to deliver lasting and sustainable value.
Our history
KuppingerCole was founded in 2004 in Stuttgart, Germany. Starting with only 3 founding members, we now have more than 50 collaborators. Headquartered in Europe, our team is present all over the world to stand closest to our international clients and partners.
Our commitment to society
We are committed to prepare for a brighter future
We make our events as sustainable as possible with measures such as encouraging and sponsoring the use of low-emissions transport, vegan options, and limiting trash.
Young professionals
We are committed to support the new generation of IT professionals through our Young Talents program, allowing IT students to kick-start their careers by attending our events for free.
Employee Feedback
Anne Bailey
Research Strategy Director
Being an analyst with KuppingerCole means staying one step ahead. We in the research department dive in deep to the most relevant identity and access management (IAM) and cybersecurity topics, be it the cutting edge technology that is being developed, the most pressing issues on CISOs’ minds, or the ways that markets are shifting. We conduct research to write reports like the Leadership Compass, but also present our findings at events, support advisory projects with the most up-to-date view of the market, and much more! Working with KuppingerCole means working with an engaging team to discuss new technology, new projects, and new ideas.
Employee Feedback
Kai Boschert
When I started at KC, I had a lot of expectations in terms of learning and developing myself in the management advisory field. I grew into a supportive team that provided everything I needed to meet my expectations and got the perfect amount of support and demand. Setting my own priorities and receiving confidence in my performance allowed me to work not only in Advisory, but also in Events and Research, and to compete in the industry.
Employee Feedback
Marina Shoughary
Marketing and Social Media Manager
Being part of the Marketing team, for me means working alongside people that inspire me and those I can professionally grow with and learn from everyday. As a team, we’re a balanced blend of business oriented, creative, communicative, and fun people. Here, everyone’s individual skills and abilities are valued & we’re able to draw inspiration from each others’ ideas into fruition as a team – something that I find extremely rewarding!
Employee Feedback
Vanessa Schweihofer
Account Manager
I have been working at KuppingerCole as Client Manager for almost a year now. Our team is responsible for the implementation and delivery of services booked by vendors. What makes it so much fun, besides the interaction to other departments like Research, Advisory, Sales, Events, and Marketing, is the diverse and close collaboration with vendors around the globe. I love working in the Client Management team! It never gets boring, and my colleagues are super nice and we always stand up for each other. The atmosphere at KuppingerCole is characterized by friendly and understanding cooperation. Even though we are sometimes quite scattered, all flexible and in some cases even work 100% remotely, the joy is even greater when we see each other live at parties or events. Either way, the humour is not neglected!
Employee Feedback
Cindy Cerny
Project Manager Events
KuppingerCole is a great employer because it's not just the job and work that are important, but also personal life. With a work-from-anywhere attitude, real value is placed on the work-life balance. In addition, the colleagues are just great and you always meet an open ear and support.