Cloudification of Access Management – Lessons Learned from the Migration of a Large-scale Production System

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Access Management is a crucial capability in the IT infrastructure of any Enterprise. But it is even further crucial, when the whole application landscape is integrated, i.e., more than 1,800 applications used by millions of users. Back in 2017 we modernized the existing access infrastructure and set up ForgeRock as its successor on-premises in our data center. With rising demands regarding availability, scalability, and support for market-specific customizations, as well as more products and applications are going to the cloud, it became increasingly clear that project will have to cloudify its infrastructure and application stack. The future setup should follow modern paradigms like GitOps, Everything as Code and making use of highly automated processes based on Service Layers, all whilst keeping the integrated applications up and running and migrating the product stack to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud.

Key Takeaways:

- How does a target architecture look like
- What challenges will appear when it comes to the migration
- How to ensure the migration to the cloud, whilst minimizing the effect for all integrated applications

Dr. Heiko Klarl, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, iC Consult Group
Stephanus Rieger, Product Owner, BMW AG

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