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CSLS Speaker Spotlight: Robindro Ullah on the Impact of a Global Pandemic on People's Job Mindsets

Robindro Ullah, CEO at Trendence Institut will discuss the The Impact of a Global Pandemic on Peoples Job Mindsets on Wednesday, November 10 from 17:00 pm to 17:20 pm at Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2021 . To give you a sneak preview of what to expect, we asked Robindro some questions about his presentation. Why has recruitment today never been so easy and hard at the same time? This is a very good question, because on the one hand, we clearly see in our data, for example, that direct search or active sourcing was less used by companies, which is obviously because...


CSLS Speaker Spotlight: Oliver Carr on Maximizing the Value of Security

Oliver Carr, cybersecurity evangelist and strategist will discuss the Maximizing the Value of Security on Wednesday, November 10 from 12:00 pm to 12:20 pm at Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2021 . To give you a sneak preview of what to expect, we asked Oliver some questions about his presentation. Could you give us a sneak peek into your keynote: “From Burden to Benefit - How Aligning on Business Purpose and Objectives Is Critical to Maximize the Value of Security”? I've spent the last years working very closely in the digital transformation of many large...


Complex Modern Business Needs Trusted IT Partners to Be Secure

In today’s business environment, companies have three major challenges – making a profit, finding great people, and staying ahead of the competition. That’s quite enough, but they also have major operational challenges with IT, cyber security, and compliance. For example, IBM Security Services reports that it’s not unusual for clients to have more than 15 different cloud providers – and probably more they don’t know about. How do business and IT leaders deal with that when they don’t even know how many clouds there are, or what data resides on...


CSLS Speaker Spotlight: KC Analyst Alexei Balaganski on the Human Factor in Cybersecurity

Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst and Chief Technology Officer at KuppingerCole will discuss the Human Factor in Cybersecurity on Wednesday, November 10 from 11:00 am to 13:00 pm in the first track at Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2021 . To give you a sneak preview of what to expect, we asked Alexei some questions about the track. What exactly is the human factor in cybersecurity after all? Well, here we are starting with the right questions. Yeah, cybersecurity, in general, is a field where everything depends on the right definition because more often than not, we hear...


Finding a Setting Worthy of Your “Crown Jewels”

Modern businesses depend on digital information. For quite a few years already, it’s been considered the world’s most valuable commodity, worth more than oil, gold, or even printer ink. Some of the world’s largest companies have turned data into their primary source of income, generating billions in profits every year, but for the rest of us, there is always data that is critical for our business’s success or even basic survival. Information such as intellectual property, customer data, or financial records is rightfully called “crown jewels.”...


CSLS Speaker Spotlight: Twitter CISO Rinki Sethi on Transforming Security Culture

Rinki Sethi, Vice President and CISO at Twitter will discuss Transforming Security Culture in a Fireside Chat on Wednesday, November 11 starting at 17:40 pm at Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2021 . To give you a sneak preview of what to expect, we asked Rinki some questions about her upcoming presentation. How do you see the role of a CISO today and in the future? The role of the CISO has transformed, right? When I started my career, the word CISO didn't really exist outside of banking. I started my career in a utility company. There was no CISO there. In fact, one of...


Google Cloud Digital Sovereignty Announcement

On September 8 th , 2021 Google and T-Systems announced their intention to build and deliver sovereign cloud services for German enterprises, the public sector, and healthcare organizations.  So, what are a sovereign cloud services and why does this announcement matter? Sovereign Cloud The sovereign cloud is seen as a solution to the risks that arise from the increasing dependence of organizations on cloud services that are owned by foreign entities and delivered from outside of the local jurisdictions.  These risks include loss of critical services through geopolitical...


A Iot to Venture, More to GAIN

As social beings, people interact with their environment, whether as citizens of a state, as employees of a company or as contractual partners (customers, insured persons) with a company in the private sector. Even if a large number of such transactions can take place anonymously (coffee to go on the way to the office in the morning does not require identification), proof of identity or the reliable assurance of a particular characteristic ("of legal age," "fully vaccinated") is often indispensable. From a functional and technical point of view, a distinction must be made between...


Managing Access and Entitlements in Multi-Cloud Multi-Hybrid IT

Introducing DREAM (Dynamic Resource Entitlement and Access Management) Paradigm for managing all access of everyone and everything to all resources consistently in a multi-cloud multi-hybrid environment. Policy-based, automated, consuming the current state of services & infrastructure. Shifting from identity & security siloes to a holistic, integrated concept. Start tactically now with CIEM, PAM, etc., but go on to strategic measures. Managing identities, managing entitlements, and managing access has become way more complex than ever before, in dynamic, multi-cloud,...


Making DevSecOps a Reality and Going Beyond – Introducing SODAS (Secure Operations & Development of Agile Services)

A paradigm for aligning Development, Delivery, Infrastructure Setup & Management, and Operations in a seamless manner, with identity & security always at the forefront. Policy-based, automated, and with well-segregated but aligned responsibilities. DevOps, an integrated approach for development and operations of software and services, and DevSecOps, adding a security angle, have been around for close to a decade. While DevOps became an established principle, combining agile software development and the subsequent operations, DevSecOps – despite being intensively...

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