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Securing the Privacy of Non-logged in Devices

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George Fletcher
Identity Standards Architect
Capital One
George Fletcher
George Fletcher currently serves as the Identity Standards Architect for Capital One supporting the partner and consumer sides of the business. He is a seasoned software architect with 25+ years of software architecture and development experience covering a wide variety of...
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Deepak Nayak
Privacy platforms Architect
Verizon Media
Deepak Nayak
Deepak Nayak currently serves as the Identity and Privacy platforms Architect for Verizon Media building solutions at internet scale for consumer identity and user data privacy. He is a seasoned software architect with 18+ years of software development and architecture experience covering a wide...
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021
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Four Steps to a Next Generation PAM Solution
Sep 14, 2021

Four simple steps to the perfect PAM.

Stefan Schweizer, Vice President, Sales – DACH, ThycoticCentrify
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Identity’s evolving role in cloud security
Sep 13, 2021

As we emerge from the first wave of digital transformation, most organizations have embraced multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Companies increasingly use digital technologies to transform the actual products and services they sell to their customers, while modern service and app architectures drive adoption of containers and micro-services. These trends pose new challenges and opportunities for security. The number of machine-to-machine interactions is growing, as is the need to establish trust in real time across many distributed systems. In this thought-provoking session, Joy Chik will explore trends that are making identity even more central to modern security.

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The Future of Blockchain in the Enterprise
Sep 15, 2021

Looking at the digital transformation in the industries and the relevance Blockchain / DLT will have.

Moritz von Bonin, Head of Blockchain & DLT Solutions, Deutsche Bahn
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EIC 2021 - Venue, Sponsor Booths
Sep 19, 2021
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Multi-Cloud Multi-Hybrid IT: How to Make your Digital Business Fly
Sep 13, 2021

IT has changed fundamentally in the past years. Multi-cloud environments mixed with private clouds and on-premises infrastructures (multi-hybrid) are the new normal.
The high pace in transformation, modernization, and innovation required for success in the digital age requires these environments to work smooth and secure.
In his talk, Martin Kuppinger will discuss where and how IT, IT Security, and IAM need to evolve to make the digital business fly.

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Digital Keys and Secrets: When to Manage Them, When to Get Rid of Them
Sep 15, 2021

Hybrid IT environments are full of secrets, like tokens, passwords, certificates and encryption keys that open access to mission-critical information. The emergence of concepts like Zero Trust authentication, Just-in-Time access and Zero Standing Privileges suggests that these access secrets don’t need to be permanent. Instead they can be created on the fly and made to expire automatically, paving way for the future where secrets or passwords no longer need to be managed and vaulted at all.

SSH.COM's CTO, Miikka Sainio, explores how reducing the number of permanent secrets enterprises manage in dynamic environments improves security, operational velocity cost-efficiency. He also discusses why managing and vaulting secrets is still a necessary phase in many cases when companies adopt modern and future-proof methods.

Miikka Sainio, CTO, SSH

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Mission Possible or How to Implement Automated Identity Lifecycle in a 200 years old Enterprise
Sep 15, 2021

Identity Lifecycle automation project in Swedbank lasted for 4 years. During all those years I fulfilled business analyst role in IAM area. I collected requirements, draw process models, and did detailed analysis. I also defined minimum viable scope of the project and drove the team to reach the goal. Finally, I did acceptance testing. I can share key activities for business analyst throughout different phases of the project.
* Get descriptions or describe yourself HR-processes, which are related to identity area.
* Get descriptions/explanations of data feeds from HR-systems.
* Describe your needs to HR-system development team, such as future employment changes, deputies etc in advance.
* Trust but verify: ask for example files /data. Perform data analysis to makes sure, that previous descriptions and processes are valid.
* Just acknowledge that “roll-out” of new processes is not one day activity, this can last for multiple months and must be treated and described as a separate process.

* Help developers with clarifying tiny details from stakeholders
* Document the details
* Control the scope and drive team to do correct prioritization
* Discuss alternative solutions to implement same business need

* Rehearse migration
* Rehearse roll-out
* If testing resource is limited – verify major business cases. Prolong pilot period to see rare business cases in production.

* Define different scopes and roll-out in smaller scopes (to keep incidents queue managed)
* Start roll-out from the process, that has smaller impact on acting employees (In our case we decided to start roll-out with leaver)
* Set up regular meetings with major stakeholders to inform them about changes in the processes. Good if you managed to agree on convenient communication channels (such as chat in Teams) between operational teams to be able to resolve incidents quickly.

* Verify not only concrete cases, but also analyze the data.
* Agree on convenient way of communicating issues/bugs/questions to developers.
* Resolve incidents and fix bugs as quickly as possible, so that operating units don’t feel alone with software/data issues.


Key takeaways:


* Everything is possible but
* Define viable minimum
* Management team must be involved and work for your project. Your project must be a priority for all stakeholders / involved parties
* Start roll-out from the end
* Find a way to analyze your data to make sure, that everything is ok

Ekaterina Silina, Business Analyst, Digital Identity team, Swedbank
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Persistent digital reputation across industries, countries, and legal frameworks
Sep 14, 2021
Stepan Gershuni, VC Marketplace WG Lead, Decentralized Identity Foundation
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Trust as the Key Concept in Future Mobility
Sep 14, 2021

The Internet and consequently the Internet of Things were built without a trust layer. Decentralized Digital Identities as basis for Connected Mobility may be one of the needed missing components to implement real data sovereignty and a trusted Economy of Things in future Connected Vehicles scenarios.

Peter Busch, Product Owner Distributed Ledger Technologies Mobility, Robert Bosch Group
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The Rise of An Identity-Native Web 3.0 World
Sep 15, 2021

Identity is a fundamental element in the traditional world to associate information to the same individuals. As we leave more and more digital footprints in the world of Internet, these information are giving birth to our digital profiles, raising issues of privacy protection, monetization of data, identity theft and more. While in this presentation, we revisit the manifestation and formation of identity in the incoming world of Web 3.0, and discover how the native citizens of Web 3.0 are forming their own identities and reputations with native behavior data that are distributed, interoperable, and self-sovereign.

Gloria Wu, Chief of Ecosystem Partnerships, Ontology
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The #FutureOfMobility is decentralized
Sep 14, 2021

Mobility-as-a-service is changing the way people move. From mobility based on driving your own car, it is converging to the consuming of various services using multiple modes of transportation. Ranging from eScooters, bicycles, ride-sharing to car-sharing, ride-hailing and public transport.

Dr. Harry Behrens, Founder and CTO, Power & Mobility Ltd - bloXmove.com
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Panel | From Piecemeal to Strategic Priority: What CISOs need to know about CIEM
Sep 15, 2021

CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) is a SAAS delivered, converged approach to next generation, ideally AI driven multi-cloud security, managing access and privileges in the cloud. It is playing across the disciplines Identity Management & Governance, Access, Privilege Management and Authentication, addressing the complexity of multi-cloud adoption with privilege & access management working differently for each provider.

Gerry Gebel, Head of Standards, Strata Identity, Inc
David Higgins, EMEA Technical Director, CyberArk
Jon Lehtinen, Director, Okta
Patrick Parker, Founder and CEO, EmpowerID
Matthias Reinwarth, Lead Advisor & Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole