Improving IAM Success Rates with Rigorous Concepts

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IAM programs in organizations have a reputation for difficulty and high failure rates. Through education and later through experience, professionals learn that communication is the most critical success factor in all human undertakings. We may have cutting-edge technology, generous budgets, and a competent team and still fail our project miserably. High-quality communication about IAM with our stakeholders is insufficient to succeed, but it is a necessary condition. 

And what is the building block of communication? Words and concepts.

Improving the IAM vocabulary's accuracy is the idea behind the TOME (The Open-Measure Encyclopedia) project - an open-source encyclopedia specialized in IAM, authored by volunteer IAM professionals for their peers. Its goal is to become the industry reference dictionary. It is free of charge and licensed under Creative Commons to facilitate its widespread adoption. It is rooted in science with a solid methodology and pervasive references to stand on the shoulders of giants.

In this session, I will present and define a series of IAM concepts, both frequently used and rare but often misunderstood

David Doret, Founder, Open-Measure

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