Wiesbaden, Germany – March 25, 2024 – KuppingerCole sheds light on Policy-Based Access Management (PBAM) as a critical tool for organizations navigating today's dynamic security landscape. In a recently published Leadership Compass, KuppingerCole research examines how PBAM can streamline access control, strengthen security posture, and empower organizations to meet evolving compliance requirements.

In a world of escalating cyber threats and expanding attack surfaces, securing access to critical systems and data remains a paramount concern for organizations. In their co-authored report, Graham Williamson and Martin Kuppinger compare 14 solutions in the PBAM market, ranking them in terms of Product, Innovation, Market, and Overall leadership.

Policy-Based Access Management: A Modern Approach to Access Control

Traditional access control methods often struggle to keep pace with the complexities of modern IT environments. PBAM emerges as a powerful solution, enabling organizations to automate and centralize access management based on pre-defined policies.

Why Consider PBAM?

KuppingerCole's analysis highlights the significant benefits of implementing PBAM solutions:

  • Enhanced Security: PBAM streamlines access control by granting permissions based on dynamic factors like user role, location, device type, and real-time activity. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Simplified Administration: PBAM automates access provisioning and revocation, reducing administrative burden and minimizing human error.
  • Improved Compliance: PBAM facilitates adherence to data privacy regulations by providing a clear audit trail and ensuring granular access control.

KuppingerCole's PBAM Analysis: A Roadmap to Secure Access

This in-depth analysis equips IT security professionals and business leaders with valuable insights into the PBAM landscape. It explores:

  • Market Trends: Understand the evolving landscape of PBAM solutions and key vendor offerings.
  • Vendor Capabilities: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of leading PBAM vendors to make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Successful Implementation: Gain practical guidance on deploying and maximizing the value of PBAM solutions.

Empowering Organizations with Secure Access Control

By leveraging PBAM, organizations can achieve a more secure and efficient access control environment. KuppingerCole's analysis empowers businesses to navigate this critical security domain and make informed decisions that safeguard their valuable data assets.

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