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Identity and the Rise of the Platforms

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Jackson Shaw
Chief Strategy Officer
Clear Skye
Jackson Shaw
Jackson began his identity management career as an early employee at Toronto-based Zoomit Corp., the pioneer in the development of meta-directory products who Microsoft acquired in 1999. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for product planning and marketing around Microsoft’s identity...
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021
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Staging & Release Management in IDM Environments
Sep 14, 2021

Ever since, Identity Management Environments do belong to the ‘more complex’ solution stacks in the world of IT. As a central
component and the ‘spider in the web’, it must adopt to any evolutionary change made in connected applications and systems.
Furthermore, new or modified business requirements or procedures do drive constant changes to IDM-Systems itself.
Depending on traditional, agile or ‘mixed’ service delivery and maintenance approaches in conjunction with multi-tier
environments for development, staging, pre- production and production (or even more), it becomes quite challenging to
appropriately integrate new functionality with the expected level of quantity and quality.
Most likely, its not only code and configuration which needs to be staged between the different system tiers, but also digital
identities and entitlement information.
In this talk, we will investigate different approaches to release and change management techniques specifically for IDM-Systems
and the benefits of integrated Multi-Tier environments. We discuss Good- Practice approaches from several Identity Management
projects from the past two decades, do’s and dont’s and how to deal with pseudonymization in staging environments which can
be used by any team for their ‘real-world’ acceptance tests, demo or lab work.
Key takeaways
• Get an overview of common mult-tier staging environments in IDM/IAM Landscapes
• Learn about good-practice approaches to establish staging functionalities
• anonymization and pseudo-anonymization for entity staging

Thorsten Niebuhr, CEO, WedaCon
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Panel | Global AI Governance: World Stage
Sep 15, 2021

Recent years have seen significant Artificial Intelligence (AI) development across all domains of business and society. This panel aims to bring attention to societal impacts of AI – benefits and challenges, by bringing thought leaders and practitioners from different parts of the world to leverage diverse viewpoints around AI governance that continue to drive AI development across borders. 

Anne Bailey, Analyst, KuppingerCole
Armin Bauer, Managing Director Technology and Founder, IDnow GmbH
Al Lynn, Vice President Emerging Technology and Incubation, Cisco
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EIC 2021 - Impressions
Sep 19, 2021
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European Identity & Cloud Awards Ceremony 2021
Sep 14, 2021
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Zero Party Data - knowing without controlling
Sep 14, 2021

Applying the principles of self-sovereign identity to financial and social media sourced data points will enable businesses to make better and informed decisions about retention, acquisition and eligibility whilst relieving them of most of their obligations under GDPR.

Julian Wilson, Founder, Valido Limited
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How Biometric Face Verification Enables Effortless IAM in a Zero Trust Environment
Sep 14, 2021

Now more than ever, the world is operating online. Governments and enterprises need a way of securely verifying an individual’s identity whilst providing an inclusive and positive customer experience. iProov is a world leader in cloud-based face biometric authentication technology. Our Genuine Presence Assurance™ technology, powered by flashmark, ensures that the individual is: the right person, a real person, and also confirms that they are authenticating right now.

Tom Whitney, Global Head of Solutions Consultancy, iProov
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Fraud Controls for Digital Identity Ecosystems
Sep 15, 2021

To date, Digital Identity Trust Frameworks have generally been light touch regarding the specification of fraud controls, relying on the theoretical protection a Digital ID offers through more robust authentication. It is true that improvements in authentication methods, such as soft tokens and biometrics, mean the ID theft vector of phishing for a user’s password may be removed. However, ID fraudsters will continue to use stolen ID information to create an ID in the victim’s name. They will continue to create synthetic IDs. They will also continue to try and take over victim’s accounts, using online account recovery and voice helpdesk channels to replace a strong authentication method with one that the fraudster controls.

In recognition of this ongoing threat from fraudsters, the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) has produced a comprehensive Guide to Fraud Controls for Digital ID Ecosystems.

The guide covers the processes and channels that need to be considered from a fraud risk point of view. It identifies the different types of fraud controls that should be applied in each channel, including ecosystem wide syndicated fraud controls, such as shared signals. The process of dealing with a suspected fraud is examined: how should these be prioritised, what investigation process should be followed, and how should victims be informed. Finally, it covers legal considerations when implementing fraud controls, in particular when sharing information and collaborating across the ecosystem to act as a joined-up defence against fraud attack.

This presentation / panel session will provide discuss these topics and how the guide can help those implementing Digital ID and provide the audience a chance to speak about their own fraud challenges with the authors and how the recommendations in the guide might be applied to help

Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, The Open Identity Exchange
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Proactive and Polymorphic Adaptation of Multi-Cloud Deployments
Sep 15, 2021

During the last couple of years, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions are becoming very popular. With the emerging cloud options, modern enterprises increasingly rely on hybrid cloud solutions to meet their computational demands by acquiring additional resources from public clouds dynamically as per their needs.

Alicja Reniewicz, Team Leader, 7bulls.com
Paweł Skrzypek, Chief Architect, 7bulls.com Sp. z o.o.
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The Rise of the Machines
Sep 14, 2021

As processing power becomes cheaper, smaller, and more accessible, the issues of Identity in this automated space become increasingly relevant. We will discuss how machine learning (ML) can perform many traditional governance tasks previously the responsibility of managers – from ensuring appropriate access controls to automating the processing of access requests. We will also examine how intelligent devices are acting as agents for other identities and the challenges this brings to traditional identity management. Real-world examples will be presented of ML identifying security concerns and other vulnerabilities. 

Allan Foster, Chief Evangelist, ForgeRock
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Identity, Privacy, Security - The European Perspective
Sep 13, 2021

In recent years, we have seen quite a few transatlantic policy issues with regards to Cybersecurity and the way how personal information is being treated by private and public organizations. The main areas where we see these differences are data protection/privacy, standards & certification and last but not least private-public information sharing.

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From Day One to Hour One: IGA in the Era of Extreme Automation
Sep 15, 2021

Cloud capabilities are driving automation approaches that will upend traditional, linear templates for Identity Governance service delivery. This extends to everything from application/service on-boarding, provisioning and user lifecycle management workflows. In this session, Manoj will share his experience of working on automation approaches for cloud workloads and discuss what this means for the future of IGA in the era of continuous integration and delivery.

Suganya Balan, Manager – Privileged Access Management, Philip Morris International
Manoj Kumar, Director, Identity and Access Management, Philip Morris International
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Zero Trust Use Cases
Sep 14, 2021

Zero Trust Use Cases: a pragmatic look from well-known use cases to lesser known ones. Focus will be on real world examples and situations proven in practice rather than on formal compliance. Further on we will have some critical thoughts on this topic.


Key Topics:

* What is Zero Trust?

* Some appliances for Zero Trust

              - Well-known use case: Web shop

              - Current use cases: Bring-your-own-device, Bring-your-own-account

              - Further use cases: Micro-segmentation, cloudification

* Some critical thoughts on non-deterministic systems

Eleni Richter, Chief Architect, EnBW