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Mike Small
Senior Analyst
Mike Small
Mike Small is the retired director of security management strategy of CA, where he was responsible for the technical strategy for CA's security management software product line within Europe, Middle East and Africa. Mike did work for CA between 1994 and 2009, where he developed CA’s...
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021
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Self-Issued OP and OpenID Connect for SSI (OIDC4SSI)
Sep 15, 2021

One crucial component to SSI is end-users being able to interact with verifiers directly, without relying on a third-party provider or having to operate their own hosted infrastructure.

Kristina Yasuda, Identity Standards Architect, Microsoft
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What are the benefits of handling external users in IGA?
Sep 15, 2021

Most of the companies today are handling all external users with HR processes using HR systems, which can cause friction and inefficiency when managing external users' lifecycle. 

Lauri Reunamäki, Partner, Business Operations, Lempinen & Partners
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Fraud Controls for Digital Identity Ecosystems
Sep 15, 2021

To date, Digital Identity Trust Frameworks have generally been light touch regarding the specification of fraud controls, relying on the theoretical protection a Digital ID offers through more robust authentication. It is true that improvements in authentication methods, such as soft tokens and biometrics, mean the ID theft vector of phishing for a user’s password may be removed. However, ID fraudsters will continue to use stolen ID information to create an ID in the victim’s name. They will continue to create synthetic IDs. They will also continue to try and take over victim’s accounts, using online account recovery and voice helpdesk channels to replace a strong authentication method with one that the fraudster controls.

In recognition of this ongoing threat from fraudsters, the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) has produced a comprehensive Guide to Fraud Controls for Digital ID Ecosystems.

The guide covers the processes and channels that need to be considered from a fraud risk point of view. It identifies the different types of fraud controls that should be applied in each channel, including ecosystem wide syndicated fraud controls, such as shared signals. The process of dealing with a suspected fraud is examined: how should these be prioritised, what investigation process should be followed, and how should victims be informed. Finally, it covers legal considerations when implementing fraud controls, in particular when sharing information and collaborating across the ecosystem to act as a joined-up defence against fraud attack.

This presentation / panel session will provide discuss these topics and how the guide can help those implementing Digital ID and provide the audience a chance to speak about their own fraud challenges with the authors and how the recommendations in the guide might be applied to help

Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, The Open Identity Exchange
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Zero Party Data - knowing without controlling
Sep 14, 2021

Applying the principles of self-sovereign identity to financial and social media sourced data points will enable businesses to make better and informed decisions about retention, acquisition and eligibility whilst relieving them of most of their obligations under GDPR.

Julian Wilson, Founder, Valido Limited
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Panel | APIs - Where Security Meets Identity Management
Sep 14, 2021

Traditional IAM models have focused on users, policies, and roles, which met the needs of web applications in years past but as application development has evolved to APIs, an innovative approach to identity management is required. It is no longer just users, roles, and permissions. APIs must be integrated into the identity and access management framework to ensure adequate governance and security.

Within an API there is a requestor (often on behalf of a user), a service (API), and the data that is being passed. All these entities in the transaction require unique identity and authorization; without identity, compliance and enforcement mandates cannot be met effectively and without authorization, there is a free-for-all on your APIs reminiscent of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook.

In this session, we will look at how rapid digitalization (first and third-party APIs + multi-or hybrid-cloud environments) has complicated security efforts, the role of API integration in data governance, and how companies can best navigate the heightened cyber-threat environment we find ourselves in today.

- Why API security requires more than traffic policy management and course-grained enforcement.
- Why APIs need to be integrated into the identity and access management framework to ensure adequate governance and security.
- How companies can reduce the burden on developers to allow for a proactive approach to API security instead of reactive.

Nathanael Coffing, Co-Founder, CSO and Board Member, Cloudentity
Gal Helemski, Co-Founder & CIPO, PlainID
David Martinache, Manager, Wavestone
Fabian Süß, Project Manager, KuppingerCole
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It takes a village...
Sep 15, 2021

As a byproduct of the current activity across industry, government, and regulatory sectors, digital identity leaders face unprecedented opportunities- and challenges.

Covid has accelerated the global imperative to establish a strong and safe global digital economy that is enabled by a secure, interoperable,  digital identity ecosystem.   One of the most daunting challenges is how, where and when to start. 

The reality is that the target global ecosystem will be years in the making despite the widely held view that better identity is crucial to achieving a trusted digital-first marketplace.  The fact is that the target state is the quintessential “it takes a village” challenge.  It is this speaker’s strongly held view that the leaders who move the market now will be best positioned to substantively shape the government, regulatory and legal frameworks that might otherwise hamper ecosystem growth.

The focus of this session is to speak to the market movers in the audience and provide food-for-thought in devising a strategy to move forward.  The ‘right’ strategy will attract global relying parties, identity service providers and the digitally-enabled consumer audience writ large (‘the village.’)  The global ecosystem will take time to evolve but the time to build the foundation is now.

Donna Beatty, Digital Identity Industry Expert, Digital Identity
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Panel | One Size Doesn't Fit All - Why Identity User Experience Matters More Than Ever in a Zero Trust World
Sep 14, 2021

Balancing usability and security is a well-known challenge in the field of identity. With increasing threats to personal and critical business data posed by nation-states and other bad actors, organizations are moving to a default posture of Zero Trust with more and more technology vendors and service providers delivering solutions in the form of complex monitoring and policies designed to keep the bad guys out. Knowledge workers, including an increasing population of frontline workers, require and expect seamless collaboration and productivity without barriers that waste time and require technical expertise. And businesses of all sizes are looking for solutions that can be operated by managers and program owners who are not necessarily identity and security experts. At the same time, individuals are drowning in a sea of passwords and clamoring to maintain their privacy and preventing compromise in their personal lives. With more signals, potentially come more annoyances, and with more annoyances come to the proliferation of unsafe practices. As vendors and enterprises dedicated to secure and seamless identity, it is our responsibility to invest in a more secure future while remaining dedicated to solutions that guarantee higher security but are even easier and more delightful to use than today's conventional solutions. FIDO2 and the move towards passwordless solutions are getting more adoption, but still carry with them some experience challenges in onboarding and recovery. Innovations like distributed identity show promise in decentralizing ownership of personal data and putting control back in the hands of end-users but are in very early days. EIC represents the industry and our commitment to creating trustworthy frameworks that protect organizations and people.

Join a panel of experts to share their thoughts on how we can continue on a pace of innovation in zero-trust while maintaining trust and usability for everyday people in a digital world.

- innovation requires investment across security, privacy, and usability

- abstracting complexity from both end-users and operators is more important than ever

- vendors and enterprises owe it to their users to consider everyday user experience a vital part of creating a secure environment

Paul Fisher, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole
Robin Goldstein, Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft
Alexander Koch, VP Sales DACH & CEE, Yubico
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The #FutureOfMobility is decentralized
Sep 14, 2021

Mobility-as-a-service is changing the way people move. From mobility based on driving your own car, it is converging to the consuming of various services using multiple modes of transportation. Ranging from eScooters, bicycles, ride-sharing to car-sharing, ride-hailing and public transport.

Dr. Harry Behrens, Founder and CTO, Power & Mobility Ltd - bloXmove.com
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Using Hypermedia to Adapt Client-side Login to Go Beyond Passwords
Sep 14, 2021

There are various ways that client applications may need to log in when going beyond passwords. With a username and password, client development is easy -- just collect a couple of inputs from the user and match them on the server. When going beyond these though, how can client applications be deployed and maintained in a way that the server still dictates what the client should present and obtain from the user when authenticating them?

Travis Spencer, CEO, Curity
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Implementing Identity Management on AWS
Sep 15, 2021

Identity on AWS may be well trodden ground, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any more inviting for enterprise practitioners who may not have had occasion to yet dive into the topic when tasked with an implementation.

Jon Lehtinen, Director, Okta
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Going Passwordless and Beyond - The Future of Strong Authentication
Sep 14, 2021

The onslaught of account takeover attacks from insecure passwords is driving the rapid adoption of passwordless solutions.  While the risk reduction benefits are substantial, eliminating passwords is just the first step on the path to fundamentally strong authentication.  In the “new normal” era of work from anywhere, and rapidly increasing cloud adoption, organizations are moving to a new risk-based authentication model.  Advanced organizations are validating users, their devices, and inspecting the security posture of the device for each login.  Strong and continuous authentication is a fundamental building block of Zero Trust. Learn how you can make it happen without making the user experience miserable.

 Discussion topics include:

  • New cybersecurity and identity management requirements in the post COVID era
  • Traditional MFA vs Passwordless - avoiding the “security vs. painful user experience” tradeoff
  • Device trust and the confluence of cybersecurity and identity management
  • Continuous risk-based authentication 


  • Account takeovers and other attacks have increased as a result of distributed working - adopting a solution that removes passwords removes most of the risk
  • MFA has evolved beyond the traditional “password + SMS + pin” approach
  • CISO’s and IT no longer have to trade increased security for user convenience
  • Modern devices allow organizations to leverage the Secure Enclave / Trusted Platform Module for increased security
  • Continuous, risk-based authentication is a key factor in identity and access management
Patrick McBride, Chief Marketing Officer, Beyond Identity
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Persistent digital reputation across industries, countries, and legal frameworks
Sep 14, 2021
Stepan Gershuni, VC Marketplace WG Lead, Decentralized Identity Foundation