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Complexity has Reached a Tipping Point in IT – What Can we do About it?

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Patrick Parker
Founder and CEO
Patrick Parker
Patrick Parker is the founder and CEO of EmpowerID, a company specializing in Identity and Access Management for over 20 years. He pioneered the unique use of Role and Attribute-Based Access Control within an Identity Orchestration framework to realize a modern and comprehensive vision of...
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021
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Where Stands the Sovereign Self?
Sep 13, 2021

When thinking about what SSI means for enterprises and providers of services to enterprises, it's easy to forget that SSI is about each of our sovereign selves. This means SSI should give us each a clear sense of independence, agency, and obvious freedom from the old centralized Identity Provider Relying Party model, and the federated one that followed from it. But we aren't there yet. What will it take to get us there—for our sovereign selves, and not just for hot new SSI businesses?

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The Future of Blockchain in the Enterprise
Sep 15, 2021

Looking at the digital transformation in the industries and the relevance Blockchain / DLT will have.

Moritz von Bonin, Head of Blockchain & DLT Solutions, Deutsche Bahn
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Journey from Enterprise Strategy to Identity Simplification
Sep 14, 2021

In an insurance sector not yet impacted by uberisation, AXA is moving toward its digital transformation. To achieve its key targets, including reduced time to market and improved user experience, AXA has launched several major programs: network, datacenter, workspace, .., and Identity and Access Management. Come discover how AXA leads the IAM program to support its digital transformation though improved agility, automation & business partnership capacity, both external and internal, while maintaining a high level of security.

– Adapt your IAM program to your context
– Define and maintain the key objectives of your program
– Accept that an IAM program is a transformation program, not a technical program

David Martinache, Manager, Wavestone
Fabrice Perrin, Global Program Director, AXA
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Digital Onboarding Game Change: Face Verification and Liveness Detection
Sep 15, 2021

2020 will be eternally known as “The Year of COVID.” It will also be known as the year remote digital onboarding was near instantaneously transformed from a strategic, forward-thinking business development objective to an urgent, mission critical business priority. This has accelerated the adoption of biometric face recognition and liveness detection to create secure, trusted, and frictionless onboarding experiences.

The market landscape is being shaped by a range of innovators. From biometric face recognition and liveness technology providers to targeted digital onboarding and identity verification platforms, to the identity BIG THREE: IDEMIA, NEC, and Thales; everyone wants in. The market is heating up as the stakes couldn't be higher.

Using Acuity’s proprietary Constellation market landscape model as context, the current state of play will be evaluated in terms of the key market sectors, drivers, challenges, and opportunities for real world problem solving and disruptive innovation.

C. Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence
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Distributed Identity using the example of a digital vaccination card
Sep 14, 2021

Distributed Identity (DI) is less known to many and even less in connection with the pandemic. The concept that DI delivers is an excellent starting point for creating a digital vaccination record.

Why DI is generally a good idea and what a digital vaccination record based on it can look like, is shown in this lecture. If you want to explain to your family in practical terms what IAM, IGA and PAM do: get vaccinated and (hopefully soon) apply for a digital vaccination certificate!

Ingo Schubert, Global Cloud Identity Architect, SecurID, RSA Security
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How to Thrive in an Accelerated Access management world
Sep 14, 2021

Research from 2020 has shown a phonemonal growth in the access management market.

The pandemic, for all its impact, has enabled organisations to re-evaluate their working strategies and practices. But at what cost? Cybercrime on corporate applications has risen exponentially from the dispersed workforce and rapid cloud adoption has left organisations vulnerable to ransomware, malicious activity and internal subterfuge.

Danna Bethlehem, Director Product Marketing Authentication at Thales discusses how organisations can accelerate their business with the right approach to their IAM strategy. For 2021 and beyond, enterprises need to leave survival mode behind and adopt a drive to thrive.

Drawing on recently released research into the EMEA IAM market, she will highlight:

  • How demands of the corporate workforce for dispersed working is bringing IAM security concerns to the fore
  • How the next generational approach to IAM can enable forward thinking organisations to thrive
  • How enterprises can build an effective IAM strategy to drive their growth
Danna Bethlehem, Director Product Marketing IAM, Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing
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Driving Business Value in the Enterprise with Zero Trust
Sep 14, 2021

With the merger of AOL+Yahoo, the newly formed Enterprise Identity team had the challenges of planning to support the cloud-first future of the new company Oath (which would become Verizon Media), building a new Identity ecosystem with Zero-Trust methodologies, and supporting a security-minded culture.

Bryan Meister, Senior Principal Architect, Yahoo
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Mission Possible or How to Implement Automated Identity Lifecycle in a 200 years old Enterprise
Sep 15, 2021

Identity Lifecycle automation project in Swedbank lasted for 4 years. During all those years I fulfilled business analyst role in IAM area. I collected requirements, draw process models, and did detailed analysis. I also defined minimum viable scope of the project and drove the team to reach the goal. Finally, I did acceptance testing. I can share key activities for business analyst throughout different phases of the project.
* Get descriptions or describe yourself HR-processes, which are related to identity area.
* Get descriptions/explanations of data feeds from HR-systems.
* Describe your needs to HR-system development team, such as future employment changes, deputies etc in advance.
* Trust but verify: ask for example files /data. Perform data analysis to makes sure, that previous descriptions and processes are valid.
* Just acknowledge that “roll-out” of new processes is not one day activity, this can last for multiple months and must be treated and described as a separate process.

* Help developers with clarifying tiny details from stakeholders
* Document the details
* Control the scope and drive team to do correct prioritization
* Discuss alternative solutions to implement same business need

* Rehearse migration
* Rehearse roll-out
* If testing resource is limited – verify major business cases. Prolong pilot period to see rare business cases in production.

* Define different scopes and roll-out in smaller scopes (to keep incidents queue managed)
* Start roll-out from the process, that has smaller impact on acting employees (In our case we decided to start roll-out with leaver)
* Set up regular meetings with major stakeholders to inform them about changes in the processes. Good if you managed to agree on convenient communication channels (such as chat in Teams) between operational teams to be able to resolve incidents quickly.

* Verify not only concrete cases, but also analyze the data.
* Agree on convenient way of communicating issues/bugs/questions to developers.
* Resolve incidents and fix bugs as quickly as possible, so that operating units don’t feel alone with software/data issues.


Key takeaways:


* Everything is possible but
* Define viable minimum
* Management team must be involved and work for your project. Your project must be a priority for all stakeholders / involved parties
* Start roll-out from the end
* Find a way to analyze your data to make sure, that everything is ok

Ekaterina Silina, Business Analyst, Digital Identity team, Swedbank
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Digital Identity in Germany
Sep 15, 2021

Explore the:

- Landscape of digital identity in Germany
- Success factors
- Future Outlook

Roland Adrian, CEO, Verimi GmbH
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Trust as the Key Concept in Future Mobility
Sep 14, 2021

The Internet and consequently the Internet of Things were built without a trust layer. Decentralized Digital Identities as basis for Connected Mobility may be one of the needed missing components to implement real data sovereignty and a trusted Economy of Things in future Connected Vehicles scenarios.

Peter Busch, Product Owner Distributed Ledger Technologies Mobility, Robert Bosch Group
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How Biometric Face Verification Enables Effortless IAM in a Zero Trust Environment
Sep 14, 2021

Now more than ever, the world is operating online. Governments and enterprises need a way of securely verifying an individual’s identity whilst providing an inclusive and positive customer experience. iProov is a world leader in cloud-based face biometric authentication technology. Our Genuine Presence Assurance™ technology, powered by flashmark, ensures that the individual is: the right person, a real person, and also confirms that they are authenticating right now.

Tom Whitney, Global Head of Solutions Consultancy, iProov
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Self-Issued OP and OpenID Connect for SSI (OIDC4SSI)
Sep 15, 2021

One crucial component to SSI is end-users being able to interact with verifiers directly, without relying on a third-party provider or having to operate their own hosted infrastructure.

Kristina Yasuda, Identity Standards Architect, Microsoft