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Why ‘Zero Trust’ is Driving an Identity Centric Security Strategy

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Yuval Moss
VP Identity Security
Yuval Moss
Yuval is a security professional with more than 20 years of experience in the business. He is currently leading all global strategy and go-to-market activities for CyberArk around ‘Identity Security’.
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European Identity and Cloud Conference 2021
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Programming People: How to implement 'AI for good'
Sep 15, 2021

Artificial Intelligence is a little bit like sex: Everyone talks about it, very few people actually do it and if you don't do it safely, the consequences can be devastating. This session will give you a basic understanding of what you (yes, you!) can do to implement "ethical" AI systems in your organization and enjoy the promising opportunities this new tool offers while being aware of its limitations and risks.

Anita Klingel, Senior Consultant, PD
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Clouds for all Seasons
Sep 15, 2021

Cloud services have enabled organizations to exploit leading edge technologies without the need for large capital expenditure.  In addition, to survive the COVID pandemic, organizations have had to accelerate their use of these services.  The market for these services is forecast to grow significantly as organizations complete their digital transformation and move, migrate, or modernize their IT systems.  However, according to some estimates only around 4% of enterprise workloads have currently been moved to the public cloud.  The factors limiting this growth are the challenges faced by organizations of managing the security and compliance of this new complex hybrid IT environment.  This presentation will describe how we expect the market for cloud services to evolve and the key changes needed to help organizations to manage these challenges. 

Mike Small, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole
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It takes a village...
Sep 15, 2021

As a byproduct of the current activity across industry, government, and regulatory sectors, digital identity leaders face unprecedented opportunities- and challenges.

Covid has accelerated the global imperative to establish a strong and safe global digital economy that is enabled by a secure, interoperable,  digital identity ecosystem.   One of the most daunting challenges is how, where and when to start. 

The reality is that the target global ecosystem will be years in the making despite the widely held view that better identity is crucial to achieving a trusted digital-first marketplace.  The fact is that the target state is the quintessential “it takes a village” challenge.  It is this speaker’s strongly held view that the leaders who move the market now will be best positioned to substantively shape the government, regulatory and legal frameworks that might otherwise hamper ecosystem growth.

The focus of this session is to speak to the market movers in the audience and provide food-for-thought in devising a strategy to move forward.  The ‘right’ strategy will attract global relying parties, identity service providers and the digitally-enabled consumer audience writ large (‘the village.’)  The global ecosystem will take time to evolve but the time to build the foundation is now.

Donna Beatty, Digital Identity Industry Expert, Digital Identity
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Give Me 10 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth About Identity
Sep 13, 2021

User recognition and authentication is becoming the central element of companies' digitalisation strategy. Not only are user registration and login the first experiences users make, Identity and Access management will ultimately determine which company recognises and serves the needs of its users best and will be successful in the market.

What you can expect

  • A holistic view on identity and access management
  • A forward-looking way of thinking and
  • Progressive software architectures
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Managing Self-Sovereign Identities as an Institution with Lissi
Sep 15, 2021

The presentation explains how institutions can establish relationships with clients and manage their data.
It will include a mixture of theoretical background knowledge as well as a practical demonstration of the "Lissi institutional Agent".
The demonstration will include the following steps:
- creation of schemas and credential definitions
- Establishing an encrypted peer-to-peer connection
- Requesting information from the user (self-attested, verified and Zero-knowledge proofs)
- Issuance of credentials
- Management of received costumer data

Adrian Doerk, Business Development Manager, Main Incubator GmbH
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How to Stay Relevant in the Age of Conversational Banking
Sep 14, 2021

The age of conversational banking represents a transformation of how and when banks interact with their users.

Şebnem Elif Kocaoğlu-Ulbrich, Founder, Contextual Solutions
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Identity, Privacy, Security - The European Perspective
Sep 13, 2021

In recent years, we have seen quite a few transatlantic policy issues with regards to Cybersecurity and the way how personal information is being treated by private and public organizations. The main areas where we see these differences are data protection/privacy, standards & certification and last but not least private-public information sharing.

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Panel | Best Practices to Implement Security Automation
Sep 15, 2021
Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole
Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist & Advisory CISO, Thycotic
Christopher Schütze, Director Practice Cybersecurity and Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole
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A Window Into Our Industry
Sep 14, 2021

Keeping up with the changes in our industry is no simple task. The rate of change for identity technologies, their applications, and their roles in the enterprise is simply too great. Since 2018, IDPro has conducted an industry survey to call attention to the skills that identity practitioners possess and employee to be successful. In 2019, the survey was expanded to explore enterprise priorities to highlight which areas of the identity industry were garning more attention and investment. And in 2021, IDPro expanded the survey again to include questions about diversity and inclusion. Join Ian Glazer, Founder and Vice-President of IDPro, as he explores the results of this year’s survey and the implications for you, your employer, and the industry as a whole.

Ian Glazer, VP, Identity Product Management, Co-Founder, IDPro

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Digital Onboarding
Sep 15, 2021

Enterprise hiring in the time of Covid is putting greater emphasis on supporting remote on boarding of new employees. This creates new challenges for the IAM team as it is no longer self evident that new contractors and employees to show up at a physical helpdesk, provide ID and pick up their new accounts. How do you organize the remote onboarding and are there technologies and approaches that are used in digital customer onboarding and KYC processes that can be leveraged to also handle employee onboarding?

Another important aspect is that remote working has become the norm and securing the remote connections is critical. A big part of that effort is to implement MFA at scale but in this situation how do you handle the roll out of the MFA when the users are not present in the office?

How do you support remote onboarding at scale?
How do you roll out MFA to a 100 000 people organisation?
What is the future for remote onboarding of contractors and employees?

Martin Sandren, Manager IAM, AholdDelhaize
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Where Stands the Sovereign Self?
Sep 13, 2021

When thinking about what SSI means for enterprises and providers of services to enterprises, it's easy to forget that SSI is about each of our sovereign selves. This means SSI should give us each a clear sense of independence, agency, and obvious freedom from the old centralized Identity Provider Relying Party model, and the federated one that followed from it. But we aren't there yet. What will it take to get us there—for our sovereign selves, and not just for hot new SSI businesses?

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Fraud Controls for Digital Identity Ecosystems
Sep 15, 2021

To date, Digital Identity Trust Frameworks have generally been light touch regarding the specification of fraud controls, relying on the theoretical protection a Digital ID offers through more robust authentication. It is true that improvements in authentication methods, such as soft tokens and biometrics, mean the ID theft vector of phishing for a user’s password may be removed. However, ID fraudsters will continue to use stolen ID information to create an ID in the victim’s name. They will continue to create synthetic IDs. They will also continue to try and take over victim’s accounts, using online account recovery and voice helpdesk channels to replace a strong authentication method with one that the fraudster controls.

In recognition of this ongoing threat from fraudsters, the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) has produced a comprehensive Guide to Fraud Controls for Digital ID Ecosystems.

The guide covers the processes and channels that need to be considered from a fraud risk point of view. It identifies the different types of fraud controls that should be applied in each channel, including ecosystem wide syndicated fraud controls, such as shared signals. The process of dealing with a suspected fraud is examined: how should these be prioritised, what investigation process should be followed, and how should victims be informed. Finally, it covers legal considerations when implementing fraud controls, in particular when sharing information and collaborating across the ecosystem to act as a joined-up defence against fraud attack.

This presentation / panel session will provide discuss these topics and how the guide can help those implementing Digital ID and provide the audience a chance to speak about their own fraud challenges with the authors and how the recommendations in the guide might be applied to help

Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, The Open Identity Exchange