As interactions between organizations and consumers of goods and services increasingly happen online, the collection, protection, and management of consumer information has become increasingly important and challenging.

In response, we have seen the emergence of Consumer Identity and Access Management solutions as organizations seek greater efficiencies and capabilities in dealing with customer information to deliver innovative services, engage with consumers, and build brand loyalty, while ensuring they operate within the confines of data protection regulations.

CIAM has developed as a specialized form of IAM and typically includes functionality for analyzing consumer behavior, collecting consent for using personal data, and integrating into CRM systems, connected devices such as smartphones, and marketing automation systems.

Unlike traditional workforce Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems, CIAM solutions need to deal with information from many sources and they must be able to manage potentially billions of identities and process potentially tens of billions of logins and transactions on a daily basis.

CIAM systems have a wide variety of uses for both private and public sector organizations. Beyond authentication and authorization, the data collected by these systems can be invaluable in terms of ensuring regulatory compliance, supporting marketing campaigns, hosting identity information, and improving the consumer or end user experience.

User experience is key in attracting and retaining customers, and CIAM systems are essential for supporting personalization of services and marketing, as well as helping organizations to find the right balance between ease of use and security to build brand loyalty and trust.

Advanced CIAM systems are now even providing account take over protection and integrating with identity proofing services to counteract account opening fraud.

CIAM is therefore becoming indispensable for a growing number of industries including media, finance, healthcare, and the public sector, where there is a growing use of CIAM for government-to-citizen identity management scenarios.

Any organization that is consumer facing should familiarize themselves with the CIAM solutions market and the business benefits that can be derived from effective and efficient management of consumer identities and access.

CIAM solutions can provide standards-based mechanisms for registering, authenticating, authorizing, and storing consumer identities, and usually offer identity and marketing analytics or APIs to extract more value from consumer business. CIAM is foundational, and an absolutely necessary component of digital transformation.

— John Tolbert, Director Cybersecurity Research, KuppingerCole.

Because we understand the importance of ­­­­­­­­CIAM and because we are committed to helping your business succeed, KuppingerCole has a great deal of content available in a variety of formats.


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Tech Investment

Organizations investing in technologies to support CIAM, can have a look at some of the related technology solutions that we have evaluated: