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How Policy Based CIAM can Improve the Customer Journey

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Kurt Berghs
Product Manager
Trustbuilder Corporation
Kurt Berghs
Kurt Berghs joined Trustbuilder in 2018. As Product Manager he contributes toward optimally positioning the company on the IAM market in Europe especially in the areas of finance, insurance and HR. Before joining Trustbuilder, Kurt Berghs held several positions at Onespan (Vasco Data Security),...
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Innovation, Agility, Usability - Getting the Most out of Your CIAM Strategy
Dec 21, 2017

Panel at the Consumer Identity World 2017 APAC in Singapore

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Modern Identity Management: Security Without Compromising Usability
May 04, 2022

In the digital age, effective customer, partner, and employee identity and access management (IAM) is essential to enable secure online transactions, collaboration, and other interactions. But finding the right balance between security and usability has traditionally been challenging and required compromise. However, this is changing.

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Customer-Driven, Digital-First, Trust & Value Based - The Future of CIAM
May 12, 2023

Data is Power. And as a popular comic superhero said, with power comes more responsibility. For companies offering digital services, the responsibility lies in storing the customer data securely. Growing number of global privacy regulations underpin this responsibility.
More and more organizations are using specialized Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions which enable them to consolidate the data of existing customers while offering new and innovative ways to acquire new ones. CIAM tools can be used to prevent fraud, monitor suspicious activity as well as generate important business reports and statistics.
CIAM market is growing yearly but remains the most innovative in various IAM disciplines in to meet the fast-changing digital business demand. Utilizing modern, flexible, and scalable CIAM platforms will enable organizations to combine good customer experience with strong data security. Certainly, a recipe for a successful online enterprise!
This talk will give insights on how to strategize your CIAM journey and shed light on some pain points companies face when embarking on this exciting adventure.

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John Tolbert - The CIAM Solutions Market
Sep 23, 2017

KuppingerCole's Lead Analyst John Tolbert presents the findings from a recently published Leadership Compass on CIAM solutions

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The Rise of the Developer in IAM
Sep 13, 2021

Everything is famously code today—cars are computers with wheels, appliances have Internet access, smart doors and houses are controlled from mobile phone apps. With all this code around, security is more of a challenge than ever. A central pillar of security is identity management: the technology that protects logins and controls access. This, too, is becoming code to work with all the other code. Libraries for developers are essential, including ID controls in mobile and Web applications for initial sign on, single sign-on, federated sign-on, biometric authentication systems, and controlling access to sensitive data. And code itself is becoming code: automation systems for producing code, deploying code, updating code, configuring resources and access controls. IAM code has to be wherever it’s needed, when it’s needed, and automated, just like any other code. The better we do this, the more secure we all are with our ubiquitous computers. 

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Building a robust CIAM foundation, fit for the dynamic financial market
May 11, 2022

As organizations are recovering from the pandemic, many of them embark on a digital transformation at high-speed. Investments to drive online business, powered by customer insights and an attractive user experience, yet secure and compliant to rules and regulations, have never been bigger.

NN, an international financial services firm with over 15,000 employees, is changing from a traditional insurance firm into a modern and online financial services firm that focuses on frequent and valuable customer interactions. NN is providing these online services across multiple channels in a secure and compliant manner while offering its customers an outstanding user experience. For this NN has implemented a robust innovative IAM platform that entails key functions like identification, verification, authentication and authorization, fit for the dynamics of the financial industry.

Join Ronald van der Rest & Bas Kerpel, who lead NN's IAM Platform Teams, as they explain how powerful Customer Identity & Access Management can be, when you are transforming your organization to become successful in doing business online. Ronald and Bas will share relevant insights into NN's IAM Platform and will touch especially on its identity orchestration capabilities.

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The Role of Customer Identity & Access Management in Digital Transformation
Nov 13, 2020

Companies and organizations have strategic decisions to make at the Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) front. First, they have to decide whether to invest into a dedicated CIAM solution or to build on existing infrastructure. If there is already a foundation, what should be their next steps to have a mature CIAM strategy in place? If they do not have a CIAM solution, where do they start? Applications, systems, identities tend to be siloed while as a business grows, it’s imperative they are cohesive and well-integrated in order to provide a superior customer experience.

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Best Practice: CIAM as Business Enabler for Digital Transformation
May 12, 2022
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Matthias Reinwarth - CIAM as a Building Block of an Online-Success Story
Dec 18, 2018

Consumer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) encompasses many aspects. On the one hand, it is about optimizing the usability of services through technologies and practices to make it easier and secure for users sign up for a service. For the service providers, CIAM is all about lifecycle management of identities of many kinds - ensuring that accounts are set up, changed, and deactivated (or deleted) in a timely, accurate and secure manner. And for even more people, it focuses on security and compliance through technologies and practices that facilitate auditing and governance activities, such as recertification, easily and comprehensively.

Choosing and using the right components and services are critical to a successful CIAM deployment.