Martin Kuppinger: The First Steps to CIAM: Verify Your Customer, Authenticate Your Customer

The Role of KYC for CIAM and Where Learning From KYC Will Help You in Getting Better in CIAM

Many solutions in CIAM focus on authentication, while others have their strengths in integrating with marketing automation. However, there is an additional angle, relevant for both highly regulated industries but also any other industries. It is the onboarding process, regardless of whether specific KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements must be formally met or not.

Martin Kuppinger will talk about the role and approaches of Identity Verification in the context of CIAM and how this maps to the entire onboarding process as well as recurring authentication. He will look at new technologies such as DID (Decentralized Identity), but also discuss how registration can be simplified if lesser requirements apply – e.g. by rethinking the flow and putting registration and verification to the end (or even further back – think about using the first successful shipping as part of verification).

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