Katryna Dow - Customer Personalisation: Bridging CIAM and SSID

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With the rapid fusion of physical, biological and digital, identity is now more personal than ever. At the same time, data breaches, hacking and centralised honey pots mean that customers are more vulnerable than ever before.

How we collect and process data in order to personalise services may be the difference between gaining trust or getting fined. Distributed ledger, Self-Sovereign Identity and Zero Knowledge Proofs offer new opportunities to build a trusted data and identity stack. Taking the best of CIAM together with increasing the rights and protections for customers will drive connected use-cases, lower costs and enable new business models.

This session will focus on how incorporating SSID, ZKP and progressive disclosure enables enterprise to personalise products and services without putting customers at risk. Bridging CIAM and SSID means less data and more insight.

Language: English • Duration: 17:03 • Resolution: 1280x720

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