CX as the core of any CIAM

Customer Experience (CX) is the central starting point when it comes to the strategic definition of your CIAM. The management of millions of identities and the handling of several millions of interactions per day is a technical challenge that changes every day. However, ease of use, efficiency and joy of use by the customer are indispensable prerequisites. At the same time, it is imperative that every consumer can control access to his personal data.

Managing customer information in a digitally changing economy with many business partners in need of access is one of today's biggest challenges and will continue to evolve rapidly. Understanding the wishes and requirements of customers and mapping them successfully in CIAM processes is a key to successful online business. The customer has a constantly growing selection of service providers online, your CIAM is one of the levers with which you can inspire customers for your business, and to achieve a lasting customer loyalty to your company

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