Matthias Reinwarth: CIAM and the KuppingerCole Identity Fabric

A Flexible, Adaptable Architecture Framework to Meet the Accelerating Demands of a Digital Enterprise

Consumer identity and access management (CIAM) has arrived in the business processes of digital enterprises. Customers, prospects, devices, things and their relationships are becoming increasingly important. At the same time, the innovation cycles for customer-oriented applications are becoming shorter and shorter. And CIAM itself is facing continuously changing challenges.

The service-oriented paradigm of the KuppingerCole Identity Fabric provides the perfect foundation for a steady evolution. This applies both to the CIAM system itself and to CIAM as a building block of a company-wide identity infrastructure.

Thus the KuppingerCole Identity Fabric serves as the umbrella for an entire IAM architecture. It supports distinctive features for CIAM where required, while ensuring efficiency and reuse wherever possible.

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