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In an era of digital services, business will require a new approach to serving customers. Identities, particularly customer identities, are a key enabler of the transformation that is necessary to delight customers beyond superficial levels. Concepts such as the Identity Fabric can support an intentional shift towards flexible and agile consumer identity and access management (CIAM) implementations.

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1 Introduction

Organizations are under pressure to respond to the fundamental changes to "business as usual". Especially in consumer-facing industries, delighting customers given expectations of flawless user experience, security, and flexibility can be a challenging requirement to fulfil. Digital transformation itself is not the answer, but leveraging its critical enablers such as identity - particularly consumer identity and access management (CIAM) - can be a disruptive catalyst for meeting consumer needs with excellence.

CIAM solutions target and cater to the specific requirements that organizations have for interacting with and delighting their consumers. This can be in contrast to other market segments addressing identity, such as identity and access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM). Given that consumers may be accessing an organization's resources with identities from various providers and of varying assurance levels, the high volumes of transactions to be handled, the numerous channels that could be used, high flexibility is an absolute must in CIAM solutions.

Flexibility is an overarching theme for CIAM use cases, since implementations must often join several digital services and components to create a functioning whole. We recommend designing this flexibility in an intentional way so that organizations do not face significant challenges in managing their home-grown code. This can ensure that interoperability is maintained between components, and that end users are indeed able to access the services they need. Especially when providing digital services, the consumer should be at the center of attention.

A concept that can help propel organizations to this point is called an Identity Fabric, a paradigm that focuses on an integrated set of services, serving all types of identities and their access to any type of service. This is a capability-based view of IAM and CIAM, and gives organizations the perspective required to intentionally design flexibility into their consumer identity management.

Given that flexibility is at the forefront of a disruptive CIAM solution, Strivacity is a vendor that holds promise for a strong Identity Fabric implementation. It is a built-for-CIAM solution that delivers a comprehensive and adaptive set of capabilities. Its strengths lie in its administrative ease-of-use, an isolation-by-design approach, a modern microservices model, and inclusion of privacy and consent modules. Strivacity offers compelling options to serve customers in the digital age with excellence.

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