Boot Camps

Microservice & Identity Boot Camp

Microservices are a software architectural style that is gaining worldwide momentum today. Loosely coupled, highly maintainable, and allowing to be tested and deployed independently, microservices blend well with current agile DevOps methodologies. More

Hybrid and Secure Cloud Boot Camp

CIOs, CISOs, Cloud architects and IT pros alike face the same challenges when moving into the cloud: They need to fulfill their business requirement and secure their infrastructure with a sustainable approach for enterprise hybrid cloud security. They have to protect public and private cloud environments together with their on-premises services. More

Key Topics

  • IAM: The Future is now!

  • AI, Machine Learning & Cognitive Intelligence in Security & Identity

  • The Privacy Challenge of AI

  • Consumer Identity: Delivering Value

  • Microservices – Curse or Blessing?

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Enterprise Blockchain Best Practices

  • Data Management, Privacy & Security

  • The New World of Cybersecurity

  • Beyond Passwords with Zero Trust

  • Intelligent Assistants for the Future Business

  • Identity in Digital Transformation and IoT

  • PSD2 2019

  • Facing the Post-GDPR Reality


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