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Dr. Emilio Mordini - "Das Sterben der Pythia" - On Humans, Artificial Intelligence and Oracles

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Very often we hear the argument, that the way the internet has been influencing our lives can be compared to Gutenberg´s invention of the printing press. Emilio Mordini - Psychiatrist and one of the world´s most distinguished thought leaders on how future technology will change the way we think and live, says that the transition from analog to digital is much closer to the transition from the spoken to literacy than the printing press ever was, because it is changing the medium in which human thoughts are materialized. In his keynote, Dr. Mordini will refer to Dürrenmatt´s Short Story "Das Sterben der Pythia" and describe why he thinks that "digital predictions" are always and unavoidably self-fulfilling prophecies. 

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Emilio Martin. I Emilio a pleasure to have you here again. Here's the clicker,
Ladies and gentlemen. Good afternoon. Happy to see.
Great to stay in European identity conference. It's one of the most beautiful event in this area in Europe, but I, I guess that would, would you prefer to stay on vacation in Positano? Eh, maybe. Yes, we had Thelen may two years ago in PO in rain, do know rain, splendid may for everybody, but for a small ring of counter feeders were arrested two years ago. Exactly. What do you expect from a psychoanalyst invited to speak of artificial intelligence? Huh? I'll tell you three stories. The first story is the story. The very story of so counterfeiters, this trivial story, minor story counterfeiters has not the trail in the Naples area, unfortunately, but there are historical reason for that. Naples was an important hub for small, but very sophisticated publishing houses. They printed the art edition, limited art edition art books. And when the major player enter entered the market, these artisanal industry died and many, many skilled printers lost the job and they, some of them rang, invented themselves as counterfeiters. So the, the small ring of Soreto was really small, was a few senior counterfeiters with some teenagers, they produced counter feet, 10 Bankos Euro. Bankos so small bills.
They pretended they speed themselves in, in some smaller groups with one adult and some teenagers. Then they pretended to be a school trip. And the teacher, the fake teacher gave some counterfeit bank notes to the fake students. The fake students go to the machine, to the currency exchange machine and they exchange exchanged the, the bank notes in a day. In average, they succeeded in changing from 1000 to 2000 Euro, which is not a big business, not a bad one as well. Well, they were all arrested. Okay. What is the point? What is the point? They could not be prosecuted. Do you guess why any idea, because of this reason, each note Bo a visible printed, the caption specimen, and they were printed carefully respect Italian rules legislation about Banko reproduction. So they were not legally speaking counterfeiters. It was not their blame. If machine are stupid and the court accepted that this defense, they were pro condemned for another reason and not for this. So let's start speaking of artificial intelligent, we can start with artificial stupidity, which is a good point of start to understand what is artificial intelligence. That's it. Okay. Clear
To understand it. I'm sure that here there are engineers that can explain very well. What is the technical fix? How you can technical bag. You can fix it. I'm not interested, frankly, encourage exchange machine. I'm interested in the lesson of the story and to understand the lesson of the story. I think you should, you should, should think. I suggest you should think to the Babo Chanti or the Babo Chanti. The Babo Chanti where genre painters were usually they were Dutch German. They were active Rome and Naples in the 17th century. And they liked to depict everyday life of ordinary people. And they were very, very carefully in depicting each details. And, but if you look, when you look your paintings, if you got lost in details, you cannot understand the meaning because these paintings on counter, they must be looked in their totality in their integrity. Otherwise you don't understand these paintings. This is exactly what happened with Severto counterfeit feeders.
Think of the pantomime they played was completely irrational. What was the sense of that pantomime pretending being a skull trip, but why there was no need to change the bank notes on the country. It could be even counterproductive. You draw the attention of the people on you. Why did, did they so well only for love for staging, but can machine understand love for staging? The big picture? Huh? Can machine capture see the big picture? The big picture is the beauty of terrain. The history of counterfeiting in Naples, the artisanal talent, which was, which was in contrast with the, the, the limited amount of the fraud, 10 Euro bank. They were so perfectly imitated, but why debris and straightforward strategy invented can machine understand this?
What is the point? Machines? Mechanical devices cannot understand intuition. What is intuition, perceiving the atmosphere, feeling the environment, the moment of the gates. So important for pistol layer for se, but also for businessmen for each one needs a strategy. If you need a strategy vision in your business, you need the moment of the gates. You need intuition. You need to feel the environment, otherwise you fail. And this is one of the fundamental capacity for human being. Okay? Machine cannot do this. And this is, this led us to the second story is about Pascal. Pascal is the French and scientist and philosopher. When he was 19, his father was appointed tax collector for the upper normally. And the father asked his fan, his son to, to, to assist him in tax calculation. Well, the young Pascal was obviously bored to tears for, for this out this job.
This was calculating recalculating taxes and he was a genius. He invented the first computer of the human history, the first digital calculator, which is exactly the ancestor of model computers. The story of computer starts from that moment. But this story show very well. The reason we invent machine and computational machine in particular, Pascal calculator, robots, or current exchange machine, it is always the same story. Each time we have a boring task and a rewarding task, we try to damp it, the, the burden of the task on, on machines. So the reason why there are computational machine, we enter computational machine. A computational machine are not expected to understand love and to appreciate irony. It is because we did not invent them for this class. And it is not by chance that Pascal was the person who proposed this, the distinction, the famous distinction between geometry and the per definition, the geometry is the analytical mind. The speed definit is the perception of the whole, the perception of what cannot be analyzed.
We automated the X three, the geometry in 400 years, computational machines can do everything. All operations related to this free, the geometry, even old fashioned artificial intelligence is still part of this game. The game changes completely with new artificial intelligence, the bigger game now, because the game is to automate the, what is it automating? The speed of it is automating sentiments, value, judgment, ethics, aesthetics emotions. This is the big challenge, and this is water artificial intelligence advance and inte artificial intelligence promises to be able to do more and more. So the question is, will this pro profe professor ever come true?
It is something concrete, real, or just fantasy dream or night recording to your preferences. The third story will try to answer this question in this short story, short novel written by Fred D Martin Swiss writers and gist. It is in the AMS ancient Greek. The death of the Pia is the name is the title we are in the AMS ancient Greek. There are two characters. Panka an elderly Delphic ES priest, and very easiest. The sea, the club war, they are both cynical, cynic and believers. They do not believe in the Oracles, but quite differently. Panke wanted to use her HS to mock those who believe them. Thi had the hidden political agenda that achieve is more logical than panai is a political man. And they, they, their conversation is about Heus. Why? Because they were both involved in the three times in predicting the future Heus future EDUs faith three times they invented of course, but in a quite different way, pen with imagination, with women's ality, with high spirit, even with the virtually Ole short rights DMA with plus famous ity S instead the racial SIA with cooler reflection with incar logic, again in short with reason, ironically enough, panics implausible, Oracle started out to become a reality.
Thia manipulative intellectual prediction. Add the opposite of the opposite of intended effect. In the end story, Theus says to panic his, both of us face the same monstrous reality, which is APAC as man who creates it, but panai does not answer. She simply fades away.
There are two ways in which the world is reflected in a human mind. On the one end, we see the word as divided into discrete local events. On the other hand, we see the word as agen, indivisible reality, if you like Tarus and panic vision, but it is, it is enough that you look at yourself in this very moment. We all perceive this conference, all is made up of elementary, atomic facts, perceptions, and as a whole, in which we are immersed, they COIST this two perception human mind, and this generates two different logics. One is the symmetric logic. The rational logic a is different from Noe Aris. These total tell logic principle of non contradiction. If the word are made up of atomic elements, then what matters are differences clear, but in the same way exactly. Simultaneously, we also use everybody here, everyone, eh, all human beings use also symmetric logic. If the world is a rich and variety whole, then what matters are inclusive in definite sets? This is the deepest logic of our mind, the deepest structure of our mind in which a is the same of Nona, because they are two indefinite sets. The does not know individuals only infinite sets and definite classes. This is the way in which the deepest part of our mind works.
So you can now reformulate the question. So the point is machine can ever machine ever succeed in applying symmetric logic today process, because this is the essence of those capacity of intuition feeling. That fear vision that we said at the beginning, artificial intelligence want to imitate can it is ever possible. It is possible to do this.
I artificial intelligence needs that Martin show this demonstrated. I don't need to demonstrate it. How to discussion that without data artificial intelligence does not exist. It is, it is all true, more and more, even with new artificial intelligence. So the question is, can data be used for fit to, to feed symmetric logic, can a database intelligence apply symmetric processes? In other words, the question is whether there is a limit amount of data above which quantity turns into quality and through a mirror of the taste, you can create the wall picture by accumulating a huge amount of data. You became able to recreate the big picture. Is it ever possible? My answer is no.
The is an a breachable gap between data, data, and totality. On the one end. Totality is not an infinite collection of particularities by summing up all particularities, you will never generate the whole. On the other hand, data is by definition and asymmetry a fracture, a lack of uniformity, a difference in reality, in other words, the very notion of data denies the notion of totality. Any data eating machine can only at the best power human intelligence, because the core of the human mind symmetric logic will be always Strous to two artificial intelligence, primary process, fundamental process, and operations. So I, no doubt, I have no doubt that artificial intelligence can do a lot of things and more, still more can will do in the future. We'll overturn probably a lot of things, labor market standards, and so said. So I also argue that artificial intelligence very diff very difficult, very, very, quite impossible. That artificial intelligence will be able to imitate to duplicate or recreate a human intelligence because in any case, artificial intelligence will be never able to use symmetric logic, which the essence of human mind like it, or don't like the human world starts where machine stop. Beyond that point, there are things that cannot be put into words. They make themselves manifest. They show themselves, you can see them, but you can't turn them into digits. Panic eyes. Doesn't answer. She fails a way. The rest is silence

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