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Impressions of the European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019

It is
Good. Yeah. Lots of good discussions. I'm
Really surprised about the professionality. There's a vast amount of knowledge
Of the Norwich really good place to be.
This is the European place for identity. Yes,
Indeed. It is. It's wonderful
It's a lot of forward thinking. This
Is the, where we built the future. I really strongly believe that the
Active engagement with the identity community,
There's a lot of really hardcore identity people around it from the globe. We
All know each other. We're all in the same industry. We're all
Friends. I wouldn't say it's a family because we are competing with each other. In a sense
It's a gathering of friends, interested in identity.
I think the artificial intelligence combining with identities is interesting, a good mix between science and
The ability to have that high level view. But it's also the ability to drill down and have a look at, you know, the first example, working example of a specification
Privacy is the biggest issue. That seems to be like one of the things that more and more companies going to, I
Think inspiring is the word that I use here. Amazing
Professional intelligence,
Stop working,
Informative, future
Trends. One
Of the most important identity conferences in the world,
An absolute recommendation for every exercise management, professional,
Epic. And of course it's always wonderful to see everyone. Yeah.

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