Panel: Tower Defense, Identity Edition: Zero Trust, Machine Learning, MFA & Passwordless - How to Prevent your Customers & Employees from Falling Victim to Hackers

The attackers are coming in ever increasing waves - come and learn how to set up your defenses so you have the lowest likelihood of account compromise, and accounts which do fall present minimal risk. 100's of thousands of accounts fall victim to hackers every day across consumer and enterprise Identity systems. Attacks are increasing in volume, and Identity takeover remains the "brass ring" for attackers.

The good news? More than 99.9% of these compromises are easily preventable by using the principles of Zero Trust and modern Cybersecurity tools. Benefit from the analysis of more than 18B logins and 300M deflected attacks each day, tenant configuration, and attacker pattern to get clear ideas of the most effective patterns for protecting identity systems (and plenty of motivation to apply them!)

Language: English • Duration: 19:16 • Resolution: 1280x720

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