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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019 Wrap-Up

Well, we had some great content and sessions for the last three days here, ATSU and there were topics and subjects running from, from transformation to information security, finding much detailed topics within identity access management and having some great feedback from the participants. And we are going to use that feedback to tailor our content for the ESC 2020.
We're wrapping up at EIC 2019 every year. It seems like the number of attendees and sessions and workshop just increases. We've had a lot of great speakers from all around the world. EICs really become the global meeting point for everybody. Who's interested in digital identity, digital transformation and all things about the cloud. One of the things I like best about EIC in Cola events in general is the approach we have for doing panels. We have lots of good keynote speakers and plenary speakers, but I think one of the fun things is all the different panels where we have people from end user organizations can talk to each other about their real world use cases, as well as vendors who might compete, but they get along with their, on our panels. And this way people can learn from both other end user organizations, as well as the vendors, we aim to create an environment where people can get useful information in their daily jobs as both practitioners and executives, as well as learn about new technologies and trends that are on the horizon and how to prepare for them. There's also been plenty of networking opportunities here throughout the conference. EIC has been a really great experience that we look forward to our upcoming events at coing or cold. We have consumer identity world in the us in September followed by a consumer identity world in Amsterdam in October, and then cyber next, a cybersecurity event in Washington, DC, and then our cybersecurity leadership summit in Berlin in November. And of course, welcome back to EIC next year in may and Munich
European identity conference 2019. It was another great year for us as organizer of this conference. And it was a fantastic success. We were more than 20% up with the attendance and we had so many super, super interesting conversations and presentations over the course of this week. So it's not easy to, to wrap up and to focus on the main topics we had this week. But I would go for, for three, one was around AI. So artificial intelligence and how this relates to identity, how it relates to security, how identity and security benefit from these technologies. And I think we are really at a great zoo in this area where these things really become very, very valuable and helpful to businesses. The second thing we see or where we had a lot of discussions around that was decentralized identity, basically it nails down to how can the consumer, the individual always bring the identity he wants to use and enabling this is essential for the success of the entire digital business, asserting them more in the traditional core of identity management is the shift of thinking of businesses have from the traditional perspective of running identity management on premises and focusing on the identity lifecycle towards enabling access to everyone and everything with every device to every service, regardless of where, right it runs.
And this is something we as could coal name, the identity fabric, the launch concept of all the services capabilities delivered to the businesses. These were from my perspective is what really three super, super hot topics that was what EIC 2019 was about. And I'm looking forward to EIC 2020, even bigger with even more interesting discussions and some new breakthrough in technology. Thank you.

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