Patrick Parker - Applying Microservice Design Principles to Cloud Security Management

The old paradigm of a centralized directory for security has been shattered into a thousand pieces and scattered across the Cloud. Identities, sensitive data and resources, and the management of who may access them are now distributed across hundreds of on-premise and Cloud systems each with its own idiosyncratic security model and none designed to be managed in unison. The shift to Microservices has accelerated the pace of this change. Given this monumental new challenge what is the solution for identity professionals?

The answer lies in embracing this change and applying Microservice design patterns to Identity and Access Management. As an example, IAM can play a key role in an organizations Microservices design by acting as what is known as an "Anti-Corruption Layer". The Anti-Corruption Layer Design pattern isolates systems having different models by translating communications between them, allowing one system to remain unchanged while the other can avoid compromising its design and technological approach. In this case, IAM can be the glue that translates between an organizations security practices and the multitude of ever-changing Cloud applications and their local security.

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