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Martin Kuppinger - Closing Keynote & Announcement of EIC 2019s Gamification Winners

Evening. So another long day, and I hope it was a very interesting day for you as well. And welcome to the closing keynote of EIC 2019. Maybe let's start with some statements of what the attendees said. And from what I know there should be a video right now, starting.
Really good. Yeah. Lots of good discussions. I'm
Really surprised about the profess. There's a vast amount of knowledge
And usage of the know
Which really good place to be.
This is the European place for identity. Yes, it is. It's wonderful place.
Lot forward thinking, this
Is the, where we built the future. I really strongly believe that the
Active engagement with the identity community,
There's a lot of really like hardcore identity people around it from the globe.
We all know each other. We're all in the same industry. We're all friends.
I wouldn't say it's a family because we are competing with each other in a sense
It's a gathering of friends, interested in identity.
I think the artificial intelligence combining with identities is interesting. The good mix between science and
The ability to have that high level view, but it's also the ability to drill down and have a look at, you know, the first example, working example of a specification privacy
Is biggest issue. That seems to be like one of the things that one companies go into,
I think inspiring is the word that I use here. Amazing
Professional intelligence,
Provoking, informative,
Future trends.
One of the most important identity conferences in the world, an
Absolute recommendation for every identity, exercise management, professional,
And of course it's always wonderful to see everyone. Yeah.
While we are not done fully yet, and so don't leave the room immediately. I wanna thank you. And it's you all the speakers, all the participants. And obviously for sure, our team, the events team and the analysts and all the others, which make this event a success. So before we come to the most important part, which probably it's the drawing of the gamification, I'm too old for gamification, not even can pronounce it broad correctly. So before we come to this part a quick, a few quick words, more about what, what I felt are the, were the most relevant topics. And we could list a, a really long list of topics, identity management, and microservices, blockchain ID, access policies, British access management, where it's heading the future of authentication, many, many other things. But I picked three. So this is my only content slide for the closing keynote.
I keep it really short. And these three are AI. They are decentralized identity and identity fabrics. So from the discussions I observed and I've been moderating all the keynotes. So I've, I've seen a lot of sessions. I've been moderating track. These were three of the super hot topics. And when we look at AI, I think the, the fascinating thing with AI machine learning and all the things around it and discussed, yes, this is really AI or not. I don't care if it helps. It's good. And we are really, I think beyond the typical tipping point of this is technology, which is somewhere arriving and this is something which is really, really useful. And right now we have around cybersecurity and identity management management. We have so many areas where AI really delivers already a benefit of value. And I think this was an important topic here, and I just can recommend to everyone, stay with this topic, look at this topic. It's super important. And there's a value in that. Yes, there's marketing fast, but there's really concrete value. Then decentralized identity, maybe translated to a simpler and a little bit less geeky term, which is
Support the user in using the identity he or she wants to use. That is basically the point. So don't dictate which identity someone has to use, which login someone has to use, et cetera, but say, okay, it's up to you because I want to make business with you. So I do what you want. And this is maybe the most trending topics that there was really a lot of alignment. And there was a very broad alignment across a very broad variety of different parties at this conference. And I think it's really an essential point for businesses to move in that direction. The third element, a little bit more down to earth of the identity management stuff. This is the identity fabric thing. So how do we enable, what is our logical architecture? What are the capabilities and services we deliver and underlying which tools do we use to connect everyone from the employee to the partner, to the consumer and to even connect things and the devices that people use with all these services, regardless of where these services are running and moving towards a more consistent approach where we integrate all that stuff and really look at that's from my perspective, really the essence of IM giving access for everyone to every service, as long as it's adequate, as long as we should give access.
And these were from my perspective, as I've said, three main topics that were far more, as I've already said. And I think that's the good thing with having a conference with many different drugs and 40 ones who are there tomorrow who still have some capacity to follow topics. We have three more longer sessions, full day sessions, factually one around identity management, microservices, one around cloud hybrid cloud and all, all the related stuff. And the server one very close to all the active directory and Azure active, active directory stuff. So a lot more to come. And with that, I think we most likely will. The next slide will be around this gameification thing. So as you know, we had three prizes. They're all over here, a bicycle,
The, oh, what a complex word, Cami Robert Rocki. And unfortunately, I don't know, currently the English term for stops vacuum cleaner. I forgot. Okay. And then we have a headset, which is far easier to pronounce and chimi Robert rock. So we have this very smart headset, which is by the way, far better than the headset I have to use in my office. So that's really cool thing. And that's what we are looking at. So oops, too fast. I think right now someone should assist me on the stage. Isn't it? Oh, I ah, that's the, yeah. Okay. I forgot the funny, the real funny thing is that's why, when they're all laughing, we were choking about me forgetting that I have all that information in my checkout. Okay. It's the end of day four. So what shall I do?
It might also be part of the problem might be that I, I'm not very good at listening sometimes gamification. So we had, we had a lot of participants and we have this year, we have three which have the same number of points. And I've been told that it's the maximum number of points, which means we have three people which will win, which is good. So not more than the three prizes we have to draw, but we have service equal points. So we need to continue from here. And I asked Michel, stop yours and Laura coffee to come to the stage.
And yeah, so, so I, you know, I, I think there are some coincidence that we have two people from the Netherlands applying for a bike. So, you know, I, I trust tested it. This bike probably is, well, definitely less than half the weight, the bikes you are usually driving. So this typically once where you sit that way and it has disc brakes, which are very good for your weather because they work well when it's raining. So that's it. The one thing I wonder about is the three of you, or maybe a question to you. So the three of you have the full points. So how did you experience yesterday's EIC morning run. I think we need a hand microphone because I remember let's lady. I remember that there were points for, for the ESE morning run. You have the full points, but you know
Speaker 10 00:11:59 What? We are at a tech conference. There's always a hack.
Oh, you hacked us.
Speaker 11 00:12:04 Well, we use some social engineering. Okay. And some brute forcing and some postcode stuffing.
Okay. We got it. So you did it, right? And so you ended up with the full points. Very smart. Next year, when you hear again, we hope to see you at the morning run like Sunday morning. Okay. So with that, we are finally where, where I already have been a little while ago. So if you were fast enough, you might already have Googled for the answer on that question. Hopefully you didn't because we have three people. And so we do a, we have one question who's closest with the answer is the winner of the first prize who is second and has estimated second, etcetera. It's pretty simple. And so you have to write down trust a simple number on that simple questions. How many languages are spoken worldwide? So how many different languages you have a couple of seconds to think about it, given that you don't have your computer with you, you can't hack you can't you probably even can't social. Yeah. You could write a social engineer. I have to answer.
And then I think you have to hand it over to an yeah. Name. It's a good idea. Otherwise you could claim it was mine, which would again, lead probably to who's best in social engineering where it's about to get us. So hopefully we don't have two exact same answers. So the first one without name it's probably than yours. Is it or who, who, who didn't put a name on? Ah, that's a trick 250. Yours has 6,000, roughly 6,500. Yeah. And you have, oh, oh, oh 6,500. Oh, oh. So that is a little scary right now because I have the answer here and it says in our bad guys, 6,500 languages. Okay. Which means at least we have you Laura, as the winner of the surf prize. Thank you very much, which is anyway, the smartest prize and it's best to carry home. You know, imagine you had to take a bike with you and probably your fly might be flying back. It's so inconvenient. So it's far better to have a headset. So congratulations for my side. And thank you for participating in the gamification. I hope you enjoy the conference. No, no. I, I give you the, that microphone so that I don't have to carry the rent together with the microphone have on as well. So we have another question,
Which I didn't already display, or we,
We are increasing the level of complexity here. Maybe the question shows up. It doesn't probably no, it doesn't show up here. Okay. So I just have to read it, which makes it even more complex. And it's a theoretical answer on the question I have to say. So don't come up with the hard fact on that. How many years would it take to walk the distance between the earth and the sun by food? So don't come up with, oh, I would be burned anyway. No, just de estimate on how many years. Yes. You even can calculate the day. So we would then calculate back if you want. No, but better go for the years. So okay. Years.
Speaker 13 00:16:40 Wow. Yeah. It's long.
You, you pretty, that's the reason why you want buy isn't that because you're so slow in walking. Yes. So as the correct answer and the correct answer is from what I read here, I, I didn't try it. It's 3,425 years. So, so let's come to the answers. And so I have to say, oops, yours is closer, far closer than Mihi yours estimated 1 billion. So yours, it means you are the winner of the bike because Mihi came up with 5 billion. Okay. So you get a vacuum cleaner. Yeah. But I hope you be happy with that. Your wife will be happy. That's good. Thank you. Because she doesn't need to do it herself anymore. Exactly. Okay. That's good. So congratulations for congratulations, yours. Okay. So we are done with the winners. You, I think you can directly take it if you want or can leave it here and pick it up later up to you. Can I hand it over to you so that I have only clicker? So thank you very much and congratulations to you and thank you for participating. Thank you. Thank you.
Okay. And I already said, thank you. So again, thank you to all who supported our sponsors. And we have a lot of sponsors without response, such a show would not work. So thank you to all the sponsors, to this long list of sponsors. It looks a little bit like the, these, these graphics I've seen a couple of times and keynotes are so is all the logos on. So a very important element or part of our identity ecosystem here. Thank you. And before I go to safety date again, thank you to all the attendees, thank you to the co Cole team and all the other people. Also the people in the hotel, the technic guys, the camera team, and all the others, which
Helped making EIC 2019, such a big success. We have a number of upcoming events. There's also very smart brochure we have in printed form, very traditional, where with all the details on these events, around blockchain, digital finance, consumer identity, etc. A variety of places. So the, the two winners even might, they probably even are now not correct because they're not from Amsterdam because we even have an event in Amsterdam, but cycling from, I think they're from anywhere more so to Amsterdam might be a little bit tougher. Anyway, there are a couple of events. I, I don't say, across the globe, but in a number of places. So have a look at this and I hope to see you at some of these events. And for sure, I hope to see you again next here at ESC 2020. And here's the safe to date more or less the same date, a little, I think two days earlier or something like that. May 12th to 15th in 2020, same place. Hope to see you again next year. Thank you.

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