Maximilian Möhring - The Future of Digital Identity is Decentral, But Not Blockchain

This interdisciplinary talk will lead you through on why not just identities, but any identity-related information should not be stored on a blockchain. The main technical reason being that none of the blockchain USPs is applicable when it comes to identity (-related) data, especially assertions.The legal and business reason being that blockchain is not (yet) compatible with and accepted in our legal and regulatory framework. So what is the way to go?

There's not many other areas where security and decentralisationis as important as when we're dealing with identity data. Max will explain how to take advantage of already-existing technology (even edge technology) to ensure convenience for the enterprises as well as cost reduction while at the same time making sure there is maximum convenience for the identity owners (humans, machines and other enterprises).

Language: English • Duration: 16:55 • Resolution: 1280x720

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