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Dr. Karsten Kinast - The Global Race for AI – Is it Time to Regulate Now?

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Dr. Karsten Kinast
Fellow Analyst
Dr. Karsten Kinast
Dr. Karsten Kinast, LL.M., Attorney at Law (Germany), is founding Partner of the Law Firm “Kinast & Partner” with an exclusive focus on Data Protection Law and IT-Law. He holds a Master of Laws Degree in European Legal Informatics and  serves as external Data Protection...
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Understanding the complexity and ambiguity of AI Ethics
Nov 16, 2023
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Reflections & Predictions on the Future Use (and Mis-Use) of Generative AI in the Enterprise and Beyond
May 12, 2023

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries and applications, from creating realistic images and videos to generating natural language responses. This Future Enterprise Use of Generative AI Deep Dive session will explore the current state and future trends of Generative AI technologies. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of Generative AI technology and its current and future applications in various industries.

Over the last years, Generative AI has presented significant advancements in industries such as software development, finance, insurance, education, healthcare, government, manufacturing, etc. It is expected that in the coming years Generative AI will enable businesses and organizations to create more personalized and engaging experiences for customers, optimize operations, and make more accurate decisions.

However, with great progress comes great responsibility. The growing sophistication of these algorithms also raises concerns about their impact on society, such as the potential for misuse, bias, and the displacement of human jobs. Generative AI poses significant challenges as well as opportunities. It is therefore essential to balance the development of Generative AI with responsible research and ethical considerations to ensure that its advantages can be harnessed while minimizing its potential disadvantages.”

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Dr. Hans-Peter Güllich - Applying Artificial Intelligence for a New Age of Risk and Compliance Management
Mar 09, 2018

Misguided, mismanaged and misunderstood. How to provide easy to understand key information supporting fundamental C-Level decisions in the years ahead? Due to the sheer mass of available data organisations are missing an ongoing and real time monitoring of external and internal data and information allowing them to identify internal weak points (e.g. compliance failures, risk management issues, etc.), provide an early detection of risk relevant web content and comprehensively communicate the actual risk situation to all management levels.

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Dr. Mariarosaria Taddeo - The Risk of Trusting AI in Cybersecurity
Dec 04, 2019
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Programming People: How to implement 'AI for good'
Sep 15, 2021

Artificial Intelligence is a little bit like sex: Everyone talks about it, very few people actually do it and if you don't do it safely, the consequences can be devastating. This session will give you a basic understanding of what you (yes, you!) can do to implement "ethical" AI systems in your organization and enjoy the promising opportunities this new tool offers while being aware of its limitations and risks.

Anita Klingel, Senior Consultant, PD
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Oct 10, 2018
Regulating AI's Limitless Potential
Sep 25, 2019
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The Art of Creating a Framework for Responsible AI
May 11, 2023
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Artificial Intelligence: Disruption Ahead?
May 03, 2019

When AI comes to mind, many people, maybe in Europe a bit more than in other parts of the world, fear some kind of terrestrial robot overlords taking over control, forcing us humans to surrender and devote our freedom to their understanding of a well-organized society without all those things that make our lives worth living. But the reality is different. We are many years away from what Terminator, ex Machina and all the other Hollywood puppets and figures would suggest: Artificial organisms which understand what they see, hear, say or do. So, what is it that creates such a hype around a topic which has been around for many decades? What is it that feeds the promise that Artificial Intelligence soon will transform whole industries, turn cybersecurity strategies upside down?

KuppingerCole´s AI Practice Leader Dr. George Beridze offers insights into the primary use cases for current AI (supervised learning) deployments, for example in transport & automotive, health care, farming and cybersecurity.