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Petra Boss has joined KuppingerCole in December 2015 as Finance Manager. She is looking back at a long career and expertise in international and national companies in finance departments as well as administrative tasks. Her areas of responsibility include firm collaboration with the CFO.

Rainer Boss has joined KuppingerCole in 2012 as the Chief Financial Officer. He´s is looking back at a long career he had within Motorola being responsible as Director Operations and Quality for the development of new divisions in several Eastern and Western Countries within the EMEA region.

Wendy joined KuppingerCole in July 2018 as account manager. She spent 14 years working in the wireless telecommunications industry in the US in various management positions. In her current role, she supports all customer interactions with a focus on KuppingerCole’s event sponsoring...

Linda Dietsche is Client Manager at KuppingerCole. She is responsible for coordination and realization of agreed services as well as individual customer liaison and support to ensure and optimize customer satisfaction. After graduating in communication science and spending time abroad she worked...

Kerstin Bienhaus joined KuppingerCole in 2017. As Client Manager, she ensures smooth delivery of agreed services and individual guidance to support the KuppingerCole clients in their goals. Her core area of responsibility is event sponsorship liaison and support. She‘s holding a degree in...

Lauren Zuber joined KuppingerCole in August 2018 as Event Manager. Within the Event team, she is responsible for sponsors and attendees for different events and takes a major role at the Executive Meet Ups. Also, she is responsible for the venue and supports in further diverse tasks. Lauren...

Sven Harth joined the KuppingerCole Event Management Team as Project Manager in April 2018. He is responsible for the organization of various events, the creation of agenda and getting in contact with speakers. Before KuppingerCole, Sven studied business informatics and worked as an Account...

Nadine Russo has joined KuppingerCole in 2017 as a Media Designer. She absolved her training in an agency located close to Frankfurt. Afterwards she gained more experiences in designing printed marketing materials for further five years before she started working for KuppingerCole.

Oscar Hernandez joined KuppingerCole in 2004 as Database Administrator and supports not only the Marketing Department as well as the Research Area. Oscar was born in Caracas (Venezuela) and since 1992 he lives in Germany. He has worked for different companies as Graphic Designer and was CEO of a...

Menelaos Agguel joined KuppingerCole in 2017 as a trainee for a year with the prospect of pursuing a dual study in the field of computer science and continuing to work at KuppingerCole. He is responsible for finance with the focus on IT.

Holger Baxmann joined KuppingerCole in 2019. He is working in the Research Department. Holger, 59, has been able to aquire strong experience from hardware design to meta data structures. He was working 5 years for a large logistics company as an internal technical consultant and twenty years as...

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