Yasin Garip

Yasin, holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics from the University of Mannheim, began exploring Identity and Access Management (IAM) while working as a student at a leading payment service provider. His main tasks included role creation with RBAC, analysing data, and IAM-project coordination. Building on this hands-on experience, Yasin focused his bachelor's thesis on the topic Migration from a decentralized SSO to a centralized SSO for improving the way people securely log in. This involved shifting from a scattered login approach to a more organized and centralized system. 

Roles & Responsibilities at KuppingerCole Analysts 

Yasin joined KuppingerCole Analysts as an Advisor in November 2023. 


Background & Education 

Yasin finished a business informatics degree at the University Mannheim. 


Professional Experience 

In his professional career, Yasin is focusing on areas in IAM since 2022. He was involved in a project in the financial services with a leading payment & transaction company, helping to create awareness in different organizational teams to the topic IAM with always an eye on improving the project scopes.