Research and Advisory Fellow

Darran Rolls

Darran Rolls has also been a frequent contributor to IAM standards at OASIS, the W3C and the IETF. He frequently speaks at industry events and to customers about IAM technologies and security solutions, offering a unique vendor In/Out perspective on designing, delivering and deploying an Identity-centric, Zero Trust oriented enterprise security architecture. Darran has co-authored one of the industry’s leading texts on using IAM technologies to enhance the prevention, detection, and mitigation of cyber-attacks.

Roles & Responsibilities at KuppingerCole

In 2020, Darran Rolls joined KuppingerCole as an independent Research and Advisory Fellow.

Background  and professional experience

Over the past 20 plus years Darran was in leading positions in Identity Management and Security at companies ranging from Tivoli Systems - IBM, Waveset Technologies, Sun Microsystems and SailPoint Technologies.

Latest publications

Event Recording
Darran Rolls: IGA Under Fire? Requirements and Essential Best Practices for Protecting the Keys to your Kingdom
March 16, 2021
Recent forensic evidence shows that IAM solutions and infrastructure are a strategic attack vector.  In today’s complex and highly distributed enterprise security supply chain, are you adequately protecting the identity and access administration capabilities at the center of your…