Research Analyst

Osman Celik

Osman joined KuppingerCole Analysts AG as Research Analyst in March 2022. Osman holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Koc University, Turkey, and Master of Management (Track in IT Management) degree from EBS Universität, Germany.

Areas of Interest

Cyber Security, Cloud Security, AI Technologies

Professional Experience

Earlier, he had a chance to work as a Marketing Specialist for a global IT Distributor and obtained skills in Event Management. Later, he developed an interest for Cloud Security and worked as a Business Analyst for a Cloud Data Security company where he has gained the knowledge of Encryption-Tokenization, CASB Market and the experience in Product Management.


Latest research

Going Beyond Traditional Penetration Testing
February 08, 2023
Penetration testing is an essential methodology used to discover and remediate vulnerabilities and reduce risks from cyber-attacks and cybercrime. Regular penetration testing is recommended and, in some industries, is required for certification and regulatory compliance. Penetration testing…
Executive View
PingOne Authorize
October 18, 2022
Due to its value and sensitivity, customer identity and data must be protected with strong access management systems. Key use cases include managing usage of customer data and its availability both internally and externally; and managing availability of organizational data across employee…
Modernizing Legacy IAM Systems
September 27, 2022
Legacy IAM systems can no longer meet the requirements of Digital Transformation. They often have a negative impact on business efficiency and customer experience. Such systems are too costly to maintain and are getting closer to reaching end-of-life. Today, organizations can be expected to…
Executive View
September 08, 2022
Reaktive Sicherheitsmaßnahmen wirken auf Cyberangriffe, die bereits stattgefunden haben. Während die Ausgaben für die Cybersicherheit steigen, werden auch Cyberangriffe immer zahlreicher. Um Risiken zu mindern und potenzielle Angriffe zu verhindern, müssen proaktive Maßnahmen mit reaktiven…
Executive View
August 30, 2022
Reactive security measures respond to cyberattacks that have already happened. While cybersecurity spending is increasing, cyberattacks are also becoming more frequent. To mitigate risks and prevent potential attacks, proactive actions must be combined with reactive actions. CYFIRMA offers…

Latest blog posts

Cyber Hygiene: Common Problems & Best Practices
September 26, 2022
To maintain their health and well-being, people are practicing personal hygiene routines on a regular basis. These routines are continuous and never completed. By taking proactive measures, people aim to protect their health against potential diseases and disorders. Analogically,…
Ever-Growing Attack Surface
May 09, 2022
The era we are living in has transformed the Internet and IT from being a convenience for people and organizations into a cyber liability. In an IT infrastructure, almost any system is now an integrated system that has internet connectivity. With assets, devices, resources, hardware, and…
Fully Homomorphic Encryption at a Glance
May 02, 2022
Widespread use of cloud services, the rising number of integrated solutions and the collaboration between organizations increase the concerns over data privacy and security. Today, we know that many data protection regulations (e.g., FIPS, GDPR, CCPA) require data to be encrypted while it…

Latest videos

Webinar Recording
Zero Trust Is Driving the Evolution of Authorization
September 16, 2022
Verifying what specific applications, files, and data that a human or non-human entity has access to, is at the heart of cybersecurity in the face of increasing theft of data for espionage or other criminal purposes. Authorization, therefore, is extremely important to security, but it is…
Dark Web Monitoring - CYFIRMA on an Undercover Mission
July 14, 2022
With CYFIRMA's products, you can take a look at your business through the eyes of a cybercriminal. But to know what they know, they need to take steps into the dark side of the World Wide Web. Osman interviews Kumar Ritesh from CYFIRMA about their work on the Dark Web.