Product Manager

Christie Pugh

Christie joined KuppingerCole in December 2022 as the Digital Products Manager. She is passionate about setting her colleagues, partners, and customers up for success by providing them with the tools necessary to define, execute and achieve their goals. Located in Berlin, she came to KuppingerCole from the US with over 8 years of experience in Cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management. 

Latest publications

Event Recording
The Art of Choice: A Guide to Informed Decision-Making
November 14, 2023
Choosing the right software to meet your business needs today and in the future is both essential and challenging. Our workshop, "The Art of Choice," will guide you through five key areas of software selection: Avoiding Hasty Decisions : Understand the risks of rushing and the…
Event Recording
Tech Guidance in the Era of Polycrisis & AI-Driven Disruptive Change
May 11, 2023
The most interesting thing about recent AI innovations in the field of LLMs (Large Language Models) such as ChatGPT is that there is not much discussion going on about the effects LLMs will have on our daily lives, the way we consume information, seek guidance and the way we create…
Webinar Recording
Unlock the Potential of Passwordless Authentication
February 09, 2023
Businesses and organizations are undergoing digital transformations and adopting new technologies to become as flexible and agile as possible to remain competitive. The continuing and increasing shift to remote and hybrid work will contribute to further adoption of Passwordless…
Analyst Chat
Analyst Chat #155: How to Create a Shortlist in 2023
January 09, 2023
A new year brings along a new service from KuppingerCole Analysts. Our host Matthias sits down with Christie Pugh, Digital Products Manager to discuss KC Open Select, our new interactive shortlisting service, the concept behind it, how it helps you prepare for the future, how it compares…