Joerg Resch

Joerg Resch, born in 1959, looks back on over 15 years of experience in Identity Management projects and their implementation in both SMEs and large corporations. For a number of years he owned different leadership positions in software product development and published many technical articles on a wide range of IM-related subjects.

Latest blog posts

Rest in Peace, Kim Cameron
December 02, 2021
Digital identity thought leader Kim Cameron´s passion for fundamentally influencing the way we think about, and deal with privacy and digital identity, has brought us where we are today and will endure forever. On 30 th November, 2021, Kim passed away after his courageous battle…
EIC Speaker Spotlight: Patrick Parker on Complexity in IT
July 08, 2021
Patrick Parker, innovation-driven entrepreneur as well as founder and CEO at Identity Management and Cloud Security firm EmpowerID, will deliver a keynote presentation entitled Complexity Has Reached a Tipping Point in IT – What Can We Do About It? at the European Identity and…
Why C-SCRM Is Becoming so Essential for Your Digital Business
February 13, 2020
The current discussion around Huawei and whether or not it should be endorsed as a supplier for 5G mobile network hard- and software has reminded us on how dependent we are on the integrity and reliability of such manufacturers and how difficult it is to trust their products if they are…
Obsession? Hype? Revolution? It Might Be a Bit of Everything: Moving Into the Age of Blockchain in Cybersecurity, Identity and Privacy
December 08, 2017
In looking at the current investor craze mainly around the primary use case of blockchain, the Bitcoin, it sometimes gets a bit difficult to think beyond the bubble and track those blockchain projects, which indeed are on their way to becoming useful in changing the way we do things like…
A Short History of EIC - Europe's Leading Event on Digital ID & Transformation
August 10, 2017
More than 12 years ago, the first EIC attracted an already surprisingly large number of practitioners dealing with directory services, user provisioning and single sign-on, as well as vendors, domain experts, thought leaders and analysts. I remember Dick Hardt giving an incredibly visionary…
Why Wikileaks' Vault 7 Publication isn't Worth Reading
March 14, 2017
Vault 7, Wikileaks´ recently published plethora of documents and files from internal CIA resources, has created quite some excitement and noise, and it has even been compared with Edward Snowden´s NSA revelations. My opinion: this is complete nonsense. In looking at what…

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Analyst Chat
Analyst Chat #165: How GPTs Will Change the Way We Work and Live
March 20, 2023
Get ready to hear a new take on generative pre-trained transformers! This week, Matthias sat down with Jörg Resch, Co-founder of KuppingerCole Analysts, to discuss the exciting possibilities of ChatGPT. Unlike Alexei, Jörg is an avid user and firm believer in the positive impact…
Welcome to KuppingerCole
December 13, 2016
Welcome to KuppingerCole, the independent analyst company!
Webinar Recording
Integrating Enterprise GRC and IT-GRC Programs on a Single Framework
November 21, 2010
Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording
Webinar Recording
Expanding the Reach - Identity as a Key Enabler of Customer Satisfaction through Context-aware Personalization
February 10, 2010
Kuppinger Cole Webinar recording