Lead Advisor

Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt

Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt works at KuppingerCole as a Lead Advisor with a focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM). In his career, Phillip has supported numerous customer projects addressing strategic and operational challenges in IAM. Most of these projects have been in the highly regulated financial services sector. Across different companies, clients and sectors, Phillip has a total of seven years of experience in the IAM space. With this knowledge, he successfully supports KuppingerCole's clients with strategic and operational issues around IAM.

Roles & Responsibilities at KuppingerCole Analysts

Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt joined KuppingerCole in January 2021 as Senior Advisor & Analyst. Today, as Lead Advisor, Phillip has responsibility for several customer projects and ensures the value of the projects for KuppingerCole customers.

Background & Education

After his studies in economics and finance, Phillip started working in a consulting firm and joined an ongoing IAM project of a large bank in Frankfurt. This laid a foundation for future projects and his career as a consultant. Phillip also incorporated the practical experience he gained into his dissertation "Profitability of Identity and Access Management in the Digital Transformation".

Areas of coverage

Professional experience

Prior to KuppingerCole, Phillip worked for various management consultancies, primarily advising major banks and financial service providers on challenges related to the IT security infrastructure on the topic of identity and access management (IAM). His focus was on functional content and activities, such as the establishment of a company-wide authorization structure, the cleansing of historical data and the functional design of IAM-relevant processes.

Latest publications

Webinar Recording
SAP IDM End of Life: Die IGA-Migration souverän meistern
January 19, 2024
KuppingerCole Lead Advisor Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt wird die Besonderheiten im SAP-Umfeld und SAP- IdM in einem kurzen Überblick beleuchten. Außerdem wird er aufzeigen, welche Herausforderungen sich bei der Migration einer IGA-Lösung ergeben. Dabei liegt ein…
A Shift Toward MSP Delivery: How MSPs Are Mitigating Enterprise IAM Delivery Challenges
August 31, 2023
Organizations face challenges in enterprise IAM delivery, including a shortage of experts, budget constraints, and difficulties in keeping up with industry changes. Fluctuations in IAM engagement lead to stress and reduced productivity. Insufficient transparency and prioritization cause…
Delivering Business Value through Orchestration
May 16, 2023
In an ever-changing digital world, enterprises and vendors face new digital challenges. This is driving the adoption of new solution strategies in which delivering satisfactory modern identity services is key. As a result, the market is shifting to a more agile and modular approach that…
Event Recording
Trust Inspiring CIAM – Essentials for a Secure, Experience-Driven Digital Business
May 12, 2023
Confusing Customer Identity Management (CIAM) with traditional Enterprise IAM comes at a high price: Applying internal regulatory compliance requirements and heavy security challenges to customer-focused interactions could easily limit user experience in a way that it measurably affects…
Event Recording
Designing Your Future Identity Fabric Program
May 10, 2023
An Identity Fabric Program program moves beyond established tooling and focuses on outcomes and the elimination of technical debt or heavy customizations that hinder the organization’s ability to deploy at scale. Identity Fabrics shift the focus from tactical or manual operations to…
Event Recording
Building the Roadmap for Your Future IAM | Workshop
May 09, 2023
Analyst Chat
Analyst Chat #159: The 5 Most Common Problems When Choosing a New Tool
February 06, 2023
Sometimes a company comes to a point where new software or a new tool is required. This is never an easy decision to make quickly. Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt has worked with many different clients who have found themselves in this situation. He will explain five of the most common…
Finding Efficiencies - Identity & Process Automation
February 02, 2022
As advisors, we at KuppingerCole Analysts have regular contact with our customers. The topics discussed range from strategic directions to operational challenges in different IT security and IAM topics. We often encounter similar, ambitious questions and challenges - an example from the…
Webinar Recording
A Delegated Model for B2B Access Management
January 26, 2022
In the digital age, collaboration is becoming more dynamic and integrated than ever before. External partners often require specific information, and therefore need access to internal systems. Providing efficient processes to manage partners is key to building a strong partner network.
Delegated Administration as a Solution for B2B Use Cases
January 04, 2022
In an emerging digital world, cross-company collaboration is part of day-to-day business. Partner networks are growing at a dramatic pace, making antiquated approaches to managing partner identities and access no longer viable. The essential partner use cases for IAM can be counted on one…
Advisory Note
Federal Regulations on Cybersecurity
October 26, 2021
Federal Regulations on cybersecurity are regularly published at the national level. However, these national regulations also impact federal regulations in other countries. Therefore, looking at other countries' regulations can help you proactively prepare for upcoming regulations in your…
Leadership Brief
Six Core Principles for Selecting Your Most Suitable IAM Implementation Partner
June 22, 2021
The increasing demands of IT result in rapidly changing IT landscapes. Many companies do not have the necessary expertise and staff capacity to meet these requirements in terms of flexibility, speed, and quality. For this reason, they rely on external help to integrate systems. To ensure…
Analyst Chat
Analyst Chat #69: IAM Awareness in Daily Life
March 29, 2021
Dr. Phillip Messerschmidt is an experienced practitioner with extensive background knowledge in all things IAM. He helps us to take a step back and look at IAM in daily life. Drawing on simple, understandable definitions, he provides practical recommendations for successful and efficient…