Fellow Analyst

Roland Bühler

Roland Bühler is a fellow analyst with KuppingerCole, mainly working on projects related to martech. He has professional experience from working for advertising agencies and IT companies with a focus on marketing technology. Apart from his research as an analyst, he is a project manager and product owner of marketing digitalization projects. In his daily work, he cooperates closely with both marketers and technologists to ensure that the technology implemented meets the requirements of the business stakeholders.

Roles & Responsibilities at KuppingerCole

Roland has been a fellow analyst focusing on martech research for KuppingerCole since 2017. He helps companies to optimize and automate their marketing processes to ensure that the customer experience is optimum while ensuring privacy and information security.

Background & Education

Roland has a diploma from Stuttgart Media University. He has certificates in scrum, PRINCE2, ITIL, design thinking, machine learning, and data protection.

Areas of coverage

Roland’s main roles are as a technology consultant and project manager for the marketing and media sector. He helps companies to automate their marketing processes and create digital customer journey maps. Privacy and information security are mandatory in this business. Furthermore, Roland is focused on systems and technologies that help to optimize marketing, such as marketing automation, customer data management, and customer identity and access management.

Professional experience

Roland has worked for well-known agencies, IT, and media companies as a consultant, technical director, and business manager. He has been in charge of many international marketing and IT projects for customers in the manufacturing, automotive, retail, and FMCG industries.

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