European Identity and Cloud Conference 2023

Hybrid Event
May 09 - 12, 2023
in Berlin





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Agenda Highlights
What’s Hot at the OpenID Foundation
Pre-conference Event
Dr. Michael B. Jones
Self-Issued Consulting
Nat Sakimura
OpenID Foundation
Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt
SPRIND - German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation
Joseph Heenan
Authlete Inc
Kristina Yasuda
Mark Haine
OpenID Foundation
Gail Hodges
OpenID Foundation
Dima Postnikov
Elizabeth Garber
Steinar Noem
Udelt AS
Building the Roadmap for Your Future IAM
Pre-conference Event
Martin Kuppinger
Christopher Schütze
3 Dimensions of Digital Sovereignty
Maarten Stultjens
Thales Digital Identity and Security
Benoît Jouffrey
Thales Digital Identity & Security
Cyber Insurance Claims & Denials
Combined Session
Dr. Horst Walther
SiG software Integration
Patrick McBride
Beyond Identity
Steffen Nagel
Frankfurter Volksbank
Kantara Initiative Meet-Up - The Identity Place To Be
Pre-conference Event
Andrew Hughes
Heather Flanagan
Spherical Cow Consulting
Kay Chopard
Kantara Initiative
John Wunderlich
John Wunderlich & Associates
Alec Laws
Denny Prvu
Royal Bank of Canada
Jordan Burris
Sal D'Agostino
OpenWallet Deepdive
Dr. Andre Kudra
esatus AG
Drummond Reed
Gen Digital
Dr. Scott David, LL.M.
University of Washington - APL
Harm Jan Arendshorst
iLabs Technologies
Lasse Andresen
Andrew Hughes
Dr. Torsten Lodderstedt
SPRIND - German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation
Katryna Dow
Adam Cooper
ID Crowd
Dirk Backofen
Andrew Tobin
Gen Digital
Olaf Grewe
National Australia Bank
Oliver Terbu
Spruce Systems, Inc.
Rachelle Sellung
Fraunhofer IAO
Dr. Daniel Fett
Nick Mothershaw
The Open Identity Exchange
Mark Haine
OpenID Foundation
Daniel Goldscheider
OpenWallet Foundation
Don Thibeau
OpenID Foundation
Annet Steenbergen
Independent Advisor
Denny Prvu
Royal Bank of Canada
Judith Fleenor
Trust Over IP Foundation
Dima Postnikov
Juliana Cafik
Louise Cole
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Darrell Geusz
Ping Identity
Daniel Gasteiger
Liv Freihow
Bank ID Bankaxept
Fabian Bormann
Cardano Foundation
Marie Austenaa
Visa Europe
Tess Rutgers van Rozenburg - Rottier
Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
Ricky Thiermann
Fabian Hauck
University of Stuttgart
Zero Trust with Zero Buzz
Combined Session
Ian Glazer
Weave Identity

Featured speakers

Identity as the Most Critical Element of Security
Blog Post  Jan 01, 1970
Identity as the Most Critical Element of Security
With all of us having multiple identities in today's highly digitized world, it would be difficult to disagree with Hed Kovetz, when he says that identity is "almost the last thing that defines the virtual enterprise". As CEO and Co-Founder of Silverfort, Hed knows a thing or two about managing iden

Key topics

Securing Identities for the Digital Supply Chain
Protecting digital identities is a crucial element of digital supply chain security.
Decentralized Identity: The Way Forward
Decentralized ledger technology helps emulate the trust between entities and enable individuals to use their identity securely.
Mastering the Customer Experience Challenge
How changing requirements for a deep consumer experience affect the Customer Identity (CIAM)
Identity & The Future of Zero Trust
With identity playing a central role in Zero Trust, talking about where ZT is evolving and how to make it work.
Identity Governance for a Modern World
Redefining Authorization and Policy-Based Access Control for an agile approach to any Zero Trust architecture.
Trends in (Mobile) Authentication
Customers struggle with the choice of authenticators beyond the smartphone.
Identity for Web3 & Metaverse
Global-scale decentralized systems need a decentralized IAM that can keep up with security challenges.
Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity & Identity Management
Changing the paradigm of identity security through AI.
Cloud as a Security Enabler
Modern cloud security introduces additional complexity since traditional security models are no longer applicable.
Navigating the IoT World
More companies are providing solutions to manage new IoT devices and to get control of legacy OT infrastructure.

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